The Ministry of Sound birthday is always special, and when its something as epic as a 26th, you can be sure of an extra magic time.

That is what is planned for October 5th with a huge lineup across all three rooms.

Here we look at four reasons why you need to be there.

The Sound System
The Box has six speaker stacks perfectly placed round the club which means you hear sound direct from the speakers and not bouncing back off the walls. The acoustic environment is perfect and with the time and effort that has gone into the room as well as the sound system it makes it perfectly clean and crisp.

Harvey All Night Long
DJ Harvey is a legend with a wild style, rock attitude and mad collection. The chance to catch him play all night long is special indeed as it allows him to really go deep into every corner of his record box. He’s played some legendary gigs here in recent times and this will be no different.

DJ Alfredo
This guy pretty much started the Balearic sound and rush to Ibiza with his crazily diverse selections. He joins sounds and scenes and styles with ease, playing in a way few others can match. MOS is his spiritual home so expect the very best.

The Production
The club will put plenty into the design of the party, so it looks as good as it sounds. Expect to be sunk into an immersive world with sensory stimulating designs and mad visuals that will leave you in awe.