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We are glad to welcome the German Duet Monkey Safari for an exclusive mixtape and we had the chance to ask them some questions.


Hi guys, thanks for joining us today, how are you and what’s new?

Yes, everything is good. We have a busy December schedule with a lot of worldwide touring before we go into our Christmas holidays with our family.

You are now releasing your new “Sturm” EP which is a more melodic than your releases in the last years. Are you going “back to the roots”? Tell us about the creative process. How do you both work in the studio?

I don’t think that „Sturm” is a “going back to the roots track” it’s more a development of our sound over the years. We tried to combine different influences from the last years to this sound which much more reflects our own musical horizon. We really like different kinds of electronic music from Techno to House and Electronica and Ambient. „Sturm” combines some of these to a sound we’re really happy with. It was a good situation for us in the studio over the last months. We’ve had a lot of time to test things and produce in a musical direction with a lot of new tracks. „Sturm” is just one of these.

What points in your lives led you to begin producing music and DJ’ing?

The first thing for us was DJ’ing. We started playing in smaller venues in our hometown as residents and later in our own club. We’ve had a lot of time to develop our sound from Warm Up sets to After Hours and also peak time. Thats why we love playing long sets, because we can combine different sounds over one night in a set. Producing came later. It started with making edits from other artists and over the time, we produced our own tracks more and more.

How do you manage all your tasks? Touring, running a label, making music, hosting events….

It’s a lot of work but we have a good team behind us who supports us in every part of this. We like working a lot because it’s some kind of positive stress. When you get good feedback for your work then everything makes sense.

Let’s talk a bit more about your label. What can we expect on Hommage in the near future? How do you discover new artists? Are you actually listening to demos?

We’ve been working on the release plan for next year for a while now and have some really good stuff in the pipeline. We have a new EP from Avidus coming out next year and also a new discovering of an artist from Leipzig called Mint4000. A follow up EP from Reboot is also in the making and we have some new stuff as well. We’re listening continuously to demos but we have a very special idea of what sound we want to release. We like listening to new stuff and really well produced music but not everything fits the label in a way that we want.

What advice would you give to young and aspiring djs and producers on how to approach things in the business – beyond making money?

For us the most important thing is to focus on the sound you really like. It doesn’t matter if it’s hyped at the moment or not. Musical directions in electronic music changes all the time, so your time will come. A lot of new artists think that they need to produce tracks that sound like popular artists at the moment to become successful. Sometimes you can have luck and pick this one hit but if you want to do this for some years, only authenticity will bring you success with your fans and yourself.

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