Electronic Griot return with the ‘Mindfire EP’ from eclectic producer, Christopher Kah. The EP contains one original and a core version from the man himself. Transcending techno here that Kah said himself has evolved through the years to push the limits of techno.

Many years of experience in the studio have seen a real high quality output from this talented artist, so we wanted to ask him what are the – Top 5 Productions he is most proud of…


MINDFIRE: (Forthcoming)
“My most recent production. I used a concept I’ve been working on for a number of years now, reshaping the sound design, the depth of the sounds, and of course the structure. I knew it was going to take time to bring this one to its final version. A months-long inside travel to create it. Jean Marie, the label’s boss, immediately flashed on it!”



“I started from just one acid note. Then step by step, everything very quickly! This is actually the way I create most of my tracks; one sound, the heart of the track, and it is as if the surrounding builds itself naturally. I found this perfect acid sound design, with a lot of effects on the background, then the kick that went with it! But something was missing … I asked my wife to help me with the vocal part, and it immediately matched! Boom! Heatwaves to summer creates!”

Buy: https://www.beatport.com/track/heatwaves-original-mix/11631228


NIGHTFALL“It was on a particularly hot summer month. I started playing with my synths, and suddenly got to that extremely hot bass sound! I added an arp in the background, and found the main melody. It gave me chills and at the same time I felt the excitement you get when you catch the right vibration. It also took quite a long time to finalise this track because I wanted it to be perfect. It is hot, dark, very dark, but at the same time very melodious!”


JHARIA: (Forthcoming)
“This one could be number one in my top 5! I really love it … This track is a complete trip into my universe. The title appeared to me as obvious. Jharia is a city in India where a huge underground fire has been burning continuously for more than 80 years. It is located above a volcano, the images are really impressive, and the atmosphere fits this track perfectly! The track is at the same time dancefloor and quite dark, making me travel in a powerful universe, tinged with a burning red glow! You will hear it this summer on the label GEM rec.”



FURY“Fury was the first track I created with my LIMITED RESOURCE concept album, maximum sound with a minimum of resource. I took my brand new elektron Digitakt machine, and started to play on it. Everything was there! I did not need anything else, I could do anything with it, it was almost magic! With some samples that I had created, I finally managed to produce a dancefloor track, which has been played many times by Laurent Garnier.”

Keep up with Christopher Kah on his Soundcloud and RA Page.

His recent Beatport Chart

Artist : Christopher Kah
Label : Electronic Griot
1. Mindfire Original
2. Mindfire (Core version)
Catalogue number : EGM2
Release Date: June 14th
Formats:  Digital only
Distributor : The Orchard