We caught up for a chat with Acid House supremo Dave Seaman, who’s riding high in the charts with his latest monster on Selador!

We recently premiered your track Rapscallion’s Revenge which went in to #26 in Beatport’s Melodic Techno charts within 2 days. Where did the inspiration come from for this track title?

Yes, it’s my 3rd Top 20 single in a row on Selador which needless to say, puts a big smile on my face. Very happy not only for me but also for the label. We’ve been having a great year! 🙂

Unfortunately however, I can’t possibly disclose the source of the title. It’s strictly between me and Venezuelan art dealer I met in the Congo in the late 90s.

You’re one of the godfathers of acid house but still managing to connect with the new generation. With a lot of your existing fan base being 35 – 44, how have you managed to appeal to the younger generation without alienating your existing fans?

Well I still very much play current music, which presumably is the appeal to the younger generation. Whilst the 35-44 year old fan base you talk about are the generation that have stuck with me since the late 90s, who themselves are interested in continually moving forward, rather than being stuck in the past.

Where do you view the main melodic scenes around the world right now?

Berlin & Buenos Aires are probably still leading the way for me. Two very different scenes but equally inspiring in their own way.

Would you say your sound has changed much over the years?

I think everybody’s sound has changed over the years because music and production technology has changed so much. And of course, trends come and go as is the case with a lot of art and popular culture. But I find it’s not really about the sound but more the feel of the music I play. House is a feeling.

Selador is churning out some real gems at the moment. Can you tell us what future releases you have planned that we can look forward to?

Our next release is an EP by Israeli Producer Chicola and we follow that with releases from EdOne & Zoo Brazil all with A-list remixes. Infact, the release schedule we have lined up for the rest of the year is a little overwhelming. So much crazy good music by some of the best producers in the business. Look out!

We heard you’re hosting one of the closing parties at ADE on the Sunday night at Club NL. Who’s on the line-up?

Yes, we’re very much looking forward to it. Club NL is a great spot. Very central and with a great sound system which is prefect for Selador. This will be our first time hosting a party on the Sunday of ADE though so we’re hoping everyone will save a little energy for us 🙂 The line up will be myself & my Selador partner Steve Parry joined by Quivver, Raw District, EdOne & Lonya.

We heard you have another North American tour coming up this weekend and then you’re back there again in November with your with your mates Danny Howells and Darren Emerson as 3D! Are there any more 3D releases coming soon?

We’ve just locked in a Remix EP for Selador with 3 of our very favourite producers taking on some of the tracks we’ve release so far and couldn’t be happier with the guys we’ve managed to land. Can’t say too much more right now but it’s gonna be BIG! It will hopefully be a November release.

What other personal releases do you have coming up that we can look forward to?

I’ve got a release on Alex Niggemann’s Soul Fooled label due in November plus I’ve also done a mother collaboration with Steve (Parry) and a remix for Tim Engelhardt on Einmusika that will both be out before the end of the year. Busy busy. It keeps me out of trouble! 😉