I am a Vowel makes the next discerning EP on Coriolis Sounds, named ‘io’. A curious variation of rhythms and sounds. With an ability to create unique atmospheres and moods we caught up with I am a Vowel to find out quite how they manage this and what there go to studio gear is. The chilled outlook from the Coriolis family reflects in their releases, all thought out carefully and arranged for all the right reasons.


Kaoss Pad – Korg

“It’s a really easy going and quite intuitive multi-effects and looper. This was the first piece of gear I bought 10 years ago. I began to make music with it. You can record up to 4 loops and play them together, plus adding effects. ( I guess there is some improvements to do on this one to be really really good but it’s a good one! ).”


TORAIZ SP-16 – Pioneer“It’s a sampler and step sequencer. I was looking for something to replace my MPC 1000 and after doing some researching I decided to go for this one and I am very happy with! The sounds is really deep and the analog filter are just magic! There is a tactile screen that makes access to everything quick and fun (charging sample, modifying samples, add effects…).” 


Ableton Push“It’s a controller for Ableton. I use it mainly for playing live because it’s really fluid. Also, I do all my samples by myself so it’s a good tool when researching new sounds combination. I’m use to this one so when I don’t want to think and I just want to play and dance, I use it.”


Alpha Dream Machine – Made by Mystery

“I received this one only a few days ago. It’s a handmade reverb which is made in Austria and it comes with an unique painting on it. The sound is really clear and dreamy and it creates oscillation if you combine well with the knob! I have use it mainly on my voice for now, it has a really nice timber and a long reverb time; it’s like a good make up for the voice!”   


SPACE ECHO Roland RE-201“This one is an old audio analog delay effects unit vintage produced between 1974 et 1990 by Roland. You can hear the magnetic tape inside, it’s a beautiful piece of gear, it has his own presence. It can transform a simple word in an infinite and eerie stream of sounds. I am in love with this one!”

I Am a Vowel‘s “io” is out soon via Coriolis Sounds. Keep up with Coriolis Sounds on Facebook here.