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We have the pleasure to host D-FORMATION on board with a mixtape and an exclusive interview. You can check his next Ep on Beatfreak Recordings, out on 24th May.

D-Formation – Sian EP
Discover –>https://bit.ly/2wbpKzY
Buy –>https://bit.ly/30aNdz4

Hi Dimas, thank you for chatting with us today? How are you and what are you doing?.


Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure for me, I also want to thank you for having me on Sweet Musique.

Well I really feel very well, in a good time of my life and my career, of course always thinking about new projects, spending many hours in the studio making music and working a lot with Teddy on the label (Beatfreeak Recordings). This year promises to be a very good one, even more so than 2018.


What are the current projects you are working with?

The truth is that there are many projects that I am working on. Recently I was in Venice, Italy collaborating with Iconyc TV in a project promises to be a very interesting one, it’s an audio visual project where Venice is the incredible environment where I made a set , interview and it will be online soon.

Also I am preparing a new mini album for Beatfreak with the same concept of the previous one (This is Beatfreak) in which I will have collaborations with artists like: Jerome Isma-e, Lonya, Ziger or Stas Drive among others, as well as several remixes that will come out shortly. I’m really in a very busy period.


Your new EP “Sian”, on your label Beatfreak Recordings, just came out. Could you, please, share with us your feelings on this project and what was your biggest inspiration creating these 2 tracks “Dope” and “Sian”?

I am very happy with this new project that this week will be on sale and has had many and very good feedbacks by many big names in the industry.

As with every track I do, with Dope and Sian I didn’t have anything special to inspire me to create them. When I’m in the studio I just let myself go and really do what I feel in that certain moment. These are 2 tracks in which the melody arrives at the peak of the track and as both of them are flowing you can imagine that I was in a happy moment J


Tell us your strategy to run such a successful label and being such a successful artist. How do you cobmine both?

Honestly it’s a bit difficult to combine all this, work in the studio, work in the label and of course be on tour in many places. I’ve often thought about it and I wonder if it’s worth so much work and practically not having personal life. In my long career as an artist I have always come to the same conclusion, I love the music and what I do and although sometimes I have to sacrifice a lot of things it is worth continuing to fight for what you love. Summarizing your question, there is no extrategia only a lot of work.


Recently you have been nominated as “Best Producer” according to the prestigious Spanish Vicious Magazine. And you have numerous awards as “Best DJ”. How do you feel yourself better? What do you like more – being a DJ or creating music?

Yes, I’m really happy that a magazine like Vicious nominates me and finally finishes with David Penn and Wade as The Best Producer of 2018 at the Vicious Awards. It’s a question I’ve been asked in many occasions. I honestly can’t tell you what I like more, making music in the studio or facet as a DJ. I think in my case it’s a perfect combination because I like both of them equally. I feel very comfortable in my studio hours and hours making music and I love being able to feel the audience live when I can play these tracks that have cost me so many hours of work. I think it is a privilege to see and feel the reaction of the audience to one of my tracks life


You are about to leave for South America for your tour there. How do you see the South American crowd? Where your fans can enjoy your shows?

Yes, I will start my tour in South America on May 31st where I will visit countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba or Colombia. Really the South American public is very grateful and it is always a pleasure to play for them. I will be visiting cities like Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz, Cochabamba, Havana or Pereira and I hope that the people will have as much desire to dance as I have to be playing there for them.


Tell us something we don’t know about D-Formation? 

I really consider myself a very transparent person and friend of my friends and quite strict with everything I do. I always say that I have played the lottery, but not to earn money but to have the privilege of having dedicated my whole life to what I really love – music and to have lived through it all these years,. Of course, in so many years it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve gone through quite hard stages that have made me reasoning and others that are incredibly good for me. A combination of good and bad moments that have shaped me as a person and as an artist, I really couldn’t be what I am now if it weren’t for those past moments, especially the bad ones.


Thanks to all friends, fans and all the people who have made it possible that after so many years in the industry I feel with the same strength as when I started.