Hey Julian, how are you, how has your year been?
Hey guys, I’m doing really great, thanks! This year some almost impossible things happened and I was able to achieve many personal goals. It was also definitely the most productive year of my musical journey with a lot of output of new productions. A highlight was of course the two releases on Kompakt Extra with incredible plays by Adam Beyer, Kölsch, Tale Of Us and Richie Hawtin. It’s nice to end the successful year with the launch of my own label VISHN to express my musical development.
Tell us about your new label ‚VISHN’ – what does the name mean?
My label VISHN is my personal vision of modern house and techno.
Why start now? What’s the aim with it?
The idea of my own label as a platform for my musical interests has been a long process and now it was finally about time to start with the concept VISHN. I have noticed over the years that I am at home in different musical genres and would like to share my spontaneous creativity with others. I don’t want to limit myself too much stylistically, but combine different genres.
Will it be music just from you or will you release others?
Mainly I would like to publish exciting collaborations with friends and fellow musicians, but also my solo productions. It is also planned to release productions of other artists. 
Tell us about the first EP and the tribute to Ultraschall – what was that club like? How often did you go?
It was planned to start the first release with a collab with my friend Florian Kruse. We recorded the track Trivia some time ago and we both liked to play it again and again. The feedback was always outstanding. With ‘Ultraschall’ I wanted to pay tribute to the renowned and former club in Munich, my homebase. Unfortunately I was too young to visit the club before it closed in 2003. In the 1990s, the ‘Ultraschall’ was one of the most famous clubs of techno culture in Germany.
You have collaborated with Florian Kruse on it – how long have you known each other?
We’ve actually only known each other personally for a good year. I did a remix for his release on Last Night On Earth. It was in harmony right from the start and we forged the plan to go into the studio together.
Who did what? Did one of you take care of the bass or the synths, or was it just a total free for all?
Each of us always started with a basic idea, for example a melody or beat with bass. So we collected several ideas at once. Then we thought about for which label the sound could fit best. Then together we improved the ideas.
What’s next for you, what else are you working on?
There’s another techno release coming from me and Florian on a big label in december. At the same time the second VISHN EP is also released this year. 
Any dream people you would like to have release on the label?
Laurent Garnier

 Julian Wassermann, Florian Kruse – Trivia | Ultraschall EP released on VISHN is out now. Buy it here!


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