Interview & Mixtape

We’re delighted to host the highly talented Fabian Braunbeck for this mixtape. Once a nightclub booker and underground music insider, Stuttgart-born Fabian effortlessly assimilated into the Berlin inner circuit for the past couple years both as a DJ and producer. His weapons are already being played by the likes of Ame, Solomun, &ME, Rampa, Adriatique, and Lehar.

In 2017 Braunbeck teamed up with like-minded artist friends to release the outstanding ‘Not Just Play Music‘ EP on Leipzig-based label, O_RS. He also launched his very own label in Berlin, Sol Eterno, with studio partner and longtime friend, Hazel. Its first release included the floor tested monster ‘Ullalet’ which dominated the charts and the dancefloors worldwide all through the summer.

A regular DJ at Watergate and other Berlin/German clubs, the world is opening up for Fabian in 2018 with gigs in Zürich and London to Amsterdam and even Bali. As Sol Eterno’s next EP is on his way, we sat with Fabian to know more about his plans, his music, and Berlin:

Hi Fabian, how are you? You’ve been playing abroad since the start of the year, and you’re off to Asia next week – can you tell us more about it?

‘Actually, my year started in a pretty relaxed way, I didn’t plan a single gig in January because I wanted to focus on my studio time and have an easy start into an exciting 2018. Of course, I was super excited about February since I had shows in Zürich, Munich, and London in my calendar.

Egg Club was definitely one of my favorite experiences so far as I was fortunate to play on a Saturday with a very decent showtime. It was quite special to me because some of my close friends traveled all the way to London to support me. Upcoming gigs are also on the way. Bali is gonna be fun as I am traveling with my buddy Rampa. We both play at W Bar on different dates, but will also hang at the pool, drink coconuts and eat some chicken waffles 🙂

For the next few months, I’ll be looking forward to playing at Pleinvrees Festival Amsterdam in May for the first time. I will also be doing my Ibiza debuts this season, but I won’t say more for now, otherwise my agent will kill me!’

Now on the production side, you’ve been spending quite some time in the studio for the past months. Your next exciting releases on Sol Eterno since Ullalet will be out soon, can you please give us more details?

‘I love to spend time in the studio, it’s fun – more fun than thinking about my career plans and the next steps. I think these steps will come with the musical progress, and that comes from spending time in the studio. So this is actually on the top of my list right now. Focusing on my music as much as I can and build up our label Sol Eterno. I am very happy to do the label with my friend Hazel, we both share the same philosophy, visions, and goals for the label.

That’s also why we knew that we wanted Sifa and Ivory to release their next EP with us. They did a bunch of great tracks over the past years, individually of course, which makes it very interesting to have them both in for this project. It’s an amazing EP and I can’t wait to share it with all the ravers out there.

Productions from my side will definitely be released as well this year. I just signed a two-track EP with NYC-based Nite Grooves. I am glad this worked out because i own some records by Kerri Chandler and DJ Pierre who released on Nite Grooves too, so this is an honor for me to release on this label. The EP is planned around June/July.’

Is there any project in the pipeline you could already talk about?  In particular, there’s been a terrific vocal track supported by the Keinemusik crew…

‘Yes, there is a track doing great out there right now, but we want to keep it tight as we like to give this release the extra time it needs. The next release after the Sifa & Ivory EP will probably be an EP split between Hazel and myself, two originals and another collab track. There will be more music by Sol Eterno for sure, some solid tracks already waiting to see the light of the day.’

What are your 5 favorite tracks/labels at the moment?

1. Redbed – 573 (Forthcoming on Sol Eterno)
2. Kerri Chandler – Coro “Kaoz Dub”

3. John Jastszebski – Tea Break (Delano Smith Remix)

 4. Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers

 5. Keinemusik!

Since you know Berlin inside out, could you also name 3 club venues you would recommend to our readers?

– Morphin Bar (Hermannplatz)

– Warthe Eck (Hermanstrasse)

– Zwanglos 2 (Kreuzberg)

Thank you!