We have now the chance to ask some questions to SQUIRE with an exclusive interview & Mixtape for Sweet Musique !

Listen this beautiful mixtape and read the Interview from Square … (Tracklist Below)

Hi SQUIRE, how are you?

I’m very good thanks, happy in the studio as usual…

We loved the recent EP on Moodmusic Records! What’s your relationship with the label? How did you come to release on there?

Thank you! Well, you know for me it was very important to find a music label that could represent the values of the music I had, and the message on a single EP. Having looked at Sasse´s background with the label and the passion he puts into the music, I’ve received great feedback from him and therefore we both decided to put these songs out as we both had the same or similar feelings…

How would you describe your sound?

Well, I think that’s a very difficult question for me to answer that but if I can say something I would consider my sound to be unpredictable, this is how I’d like to be actually..If sometimes I sound a bit more alternative kind of poppy or indie or maybe more progressive, it is what it is and how I feel. Obviously I always try to follow my instinct and my pattern but I stick to my emotions and I think that’s the most important bit of sounding. Whether you go left or right the most important thing for me is to sound with intention, with a story to tell…

Were you always musical growing up? What inspired you to make electronic music? 

I have no family members involved in music unfortunately but I grew up very attached to music since I was a kid. There was this film which is still a piece of Art and came out in 1999 from Walt Disney called Fantasia and this triggered many things in my mind. I think every kid in the world should watch this, it’s such an amazing work. Then, I started djing at 15 with friends at a basement studio and some small parties we used to organise back then. Then I started buying records and playing them for myself but then I asked myself what if I could make music for myself so I could be able to play also my records.. Music that I would only own and no body else would…that’s how everything started really! 🙂

Lets take a trip to your studio for a moment…How do you go about your productions, do you have a formula you stick to when building a track, or do you just get in there and let inspiration run its course?

I actually dont have a specific formula to make music. I start every project in a different way and I always use and experiment with new machines or instruments I have around me. Sometimes it doesn’t work but when you get something cool you can reach somewhere amazing! The thing I have in my mind every time I’m in the studio is to try and push myself somewhere I might not be comfortable in, pushing the boundaries and heading to the unknown or mystery can give you incredible moments and ideas that build up in magic. I couldn’t stand myself if I would follow a pattern, every time the same way or trying to sound the same day after day. It would be boring and not interesting for my way of looking at things…

You’ve played many established and appreciated venues in the last year or so like Amnesia Ibiza, Burning Man and Pacha Barcelona, where would you say has been your favourite place to play over that time?

I had really nice times in Ibiza in the last couple of years, you have great places there. The sound systems, rooms, girls and a large venue etc…but there is nothing like playing in Berlin for me. I had the chance to play at Watergate after Damian Lazarus and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The audience is so connected with the music, with the dj, with everything that happens inside that it felt like they knew something else than I did. It was the best feeling in the world and I will never ever forget that. It was my very first time playing in Germany and I’m really looking forward to going back!.

What would you say has been the craziest party you’ve ever played?

Burning Man without a doubt, the place of dreams for any artist or anyone who would like to know more about himself. I played with Behrouz this year inside an Airbus 747 in the middle of the desert and yeah, hell it was crazy!!! 🙂

What’s your view on the Jeremy Underground situation?

It’s just sad to see things like this, especially when we’re supposed to be doing this for the love and the relation we have with our passion which is music. Of course I understand every artist could have his own things and preferences but always respecting everyone and trying to understand every humble promoter that is booking you. At the end of the day they’re the ones to help you out giving you the possibility to play at special venues and situations.

We know you have had an interesting past in Formula 1. How hard a choice was it to leave that and following your musical dreams of being a Producer/DJ?

It was actually not that hard, I mean…I always wanted to focus and start my artistic project. For me racing had not any sense if I couldn’t compete with the top 6 cars in Formula 1. I tried some other racing series but I never had the same feedback and the love and the ambition for me to give and commit to the fullest was not there anymore. Therefore, music was my salvation because I had a new challenge ahead to prove and to enjoy myself with my own passion, so that’s how I feel. Very fortunate and very happy to be in a different chapter of my life and to be doing what I love most which is music, and making other people happy! 🙂

Any further goals and ambitions to achieve?

bfff!!! Many, many things, but first step by step 😉 First of all I’d like keep myself as healthy as I am, to feel in love with myself as I do, and then I’m able to love everything else and to feel peace with everything! The rest will come by it’s own. 🙂

SQUIRE’s ‘Arts & Crafts’ Ep is out now on Moodmusic Records



Cypher Delight- Theo Parrish
If I d care more- Rico Puestel
Wmuhle(tonicvolts uplifting mix- de cave man
Aces High (Jeroen Search remix) – Christian Morgenstern
Livia Bang the Drums- Guy Gerber
Flavors Around- Squire
Unchain (Manoo Remix)- MA & JI
Shaker Life ft.Alani-Squire
Gyaan( Agaric Remix) Sous Soul
Rambo- Culoe de Song
The story of us-Cornucopia