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Originally from Tunis, Samer Soltan’s musical journey began during his childhood when he was fascinated by electronic music at the age of 14, experimenting with different sounds, styles and genres, he found the one he was passionate about.
As the years progressed, the quality of his music and even his international profile became stronger. his productions transcend traditional musical divisions, his tracks have loaded the turntables of the greatest DJs in the world. He was supported by Armin van Buuren in his famous A State of Trance radio show, as well as many legends like Above & Beyond and Geju.
Samer’s music has already sent shock waves into circles, He has always been fascinated by the way music can move and affect people’s lives.
After a few years of production, Samer appeared for the public after signing his track ‘BIZERTE’ for the famous label Leveldva.
A revelation to follow ..

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