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FREE DOWNLOAD : Mr.Tea – The Celestial Twins [Connaisseur Recordings]

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The United Kingdom and tea, a love story since morethan 400 years. For centuries, tea was the fgureheadof British high culture, internalised nowadays bysociety throughout all classes. An emblem for the UKlike the Union Jack or the Bobbies with theircustodian helmets, it comes as no surprise that MrTea is an Englishman, a chap from Liverpool, living theAmerican dream. He left the United Kingdom a fewyears ago and has found his new home in the goldenstate of California, more precisely in the creativemelting pot of San Francisco. However, Mr. Tea is noyoung leaf in the boiling water of the music industry.Like a well aged Pu-erh he has years of experience,having defned his style and skills over more than twodecades. Together with his former productionpartner, he had a collaboration with the legendaryAndrew Weatherall and Jagz Cooner of Sabres ofParadise in the 90ies, as well as an EP on Leftfeld’sHard Hands imprint. In 2012, after a few years ofhaving had no release, Mr. Tea started the secondinfusion of his music career and released some EPsand tracks on labels like Engrave Ltd, Discotexas,Paper Recordings and Crossfrontier Audio as well as aself-released album called “Bitchbiker’s Ride To theGalaxy”.Last year, he sent us a demo and it was one of thebest we had received in a long time. After wecontacted him, it turned out that Mr Tea had beenquite busy, sitting on a huge pile of unreleased music.His music is a journey through UK-related styles ofthe past 20 years or more. It brushes breakbeats,electro, IDM, acid, house and techno…nothing inparticular, as the genres are always crossing, butalways with a clear UK stamp on it. We workedourselves through his playlists, only to realize after awhile, that releasing an EP or even a single can neverdisplay Mr.Tea’s diverse style. This is why we havedecided to present this talent on a bigger format, analbum, this album. The idea of “Make Yourself AtHome“ was thus born and developed over the pastmonths.