Interview & Mixtape

Nandu is the sound of underground melodic techno and house. Straight out of Copenhagen, he seeks to explore the enormous worlds of grooves and melodies combined, and try to create a unique deep and refreshing sound. With his roots deep in other genres like jazz, rock and pop, he seeks to combine them all in an electronic setting.

Not only aiming for the dance floor, but also seeks to inspire and tease the imagination, his soundscapes takes you from the South American beaches to the cold Nordic winters, from the deepest jungles to the coldest urban settings.

After establishing his own label Calypso Chili in 2017 and with a long line of cutting edge releases, on labels such as Azzur, Connected, Constant Circles & Rebirth, Nandu is looking into a bright future on the electronic music scene.

SM : Hi Rasmus, how are you doing? Spring started with flying colours on your side, playing alongside Âme and Trikk at Culture Box in your city of Copenhagen – can you tell us more about these experiences and your on-going Into the Wild party series?

Rasmus : ‘Hi guys. Nice talking to you. Yes sure. Let’s start with Culture Box. It’s one of the oldest clubs here in Copenhagen, and I’ve been playing there now for 6 years. Two years ago they offered me to start my own night there, and that’s when Into The Wild came alive. We have around 4 parties a year, and always spend a lot of time finding the right artists, and this week we have Trikk to join us. Besides that, I play as one of their residents, and as you mentioned I was lucky enough to get the warm-up slot for Âme, live, a few weeks back. Amazing crowd and Frank played insanely good.’

On the production side, you’ve just released last month The River EP on AZZUR, with some strong support such as Eagles & Butterflies, Frankey & Sandrino, Âme, Trikk, Rampa… – how did the collaboration for this 3-tracker play out?

‘I have been working with the Azzur guys for a few years now, and I really consider them as my friends, and I really wanted this EP to be something special. Both ‘Luzia’ and ‘Tribe’ was done, but we all felt that we needed the ‘A side’. One day I was talking to one of my friends who told me that his girlfriend Apoke was a singer. I contacted her, sent her some beats, and she came back with some lines, and I was blown away. I finished the track and send it to her, and she did all writing and recording in her own studio. And yes, what to say, she nailed it.’

What other projects do you have in the pipeline?

‘A lot of good things are coming up. I have an EP on Hosted in July, which I look very much forward to. It’s a bit more club friendly than some of my more experimental stuff. And then I have my next album coming on Connected scheduled for October. And then last but not least I have a remix EP scheduled of my last album ‘Tales From My Living Room’ for my own label Calypso Chili.’

It usually doesn’t take long to identify a Nandu track – fresh, powerful, rich in texture layers, and often with mesmerizing vocals. What influences do you combine in order to produce this music?

‘I’ve been playing music the most of my life, and I’m particular happy for genres like Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop. But when it comes to writing music, I mostly start from the bottom and kind of let the music come to me. And then of course when you create music, you kind of have a musical vocabulary that is created from all the musical inputs you have been exposed to over time. And if you become very good at producing, it’s easy to put these inputs together and create music.’

What are your favorite labels, artists and tracks at the moment?

‘So much interesting stuff out there all the time! Some of my favourite labels that are really doing it well at the moment would be Azzur, Mule Musiq, Nothing Is Real and many more. When it comes to artists I think there’s a lot of crazy talented people out there. So many good producers like Melokkolektiv (on fire at the moment), Modular Project, Aaaron and many more.

Also some of the artists I really admire are some of the artists that really made it happen for themselves. People like Denis Horvat, Trikk, DkA, Perel and so on. They managed to break out of the masses and get out there, and not because of good management, PR Etc., but because of their amazing skills as performers and producers.’

And if I had to pick 5 tracks at the moment it would be these:

1. Guy Gerber – Steady (Laume Remix)

2. Modular Project – Leaving –  Rebirth (forthcoming)

3. Nandu – Something Simple (Melokolektiv Remix) – Calypso Chili (forthcoming)

4. B From E – The People (Dream Mix) – Tartelet

5. Amine Chabli – Optimisme – Inclusif (forthcoming)

Thank you!