Hey Enzo, how are you, how has your year been? 

 Hi There, thanks for the interview. This year has been amazing, I think one of my best professionally; I have played in amazing countries and parties, some releases in vinyl are coming out soon and I am very happy with the last works coming out of my studio, so I just want to keep in this line. 

 People often talk about music they have on in summer, but what are some of your go to albums in winter? 

 I love playing in winter especially because i feel like the music I am doing lately is better suited for clubs and the vibe in clubs in winter is better. Therefore, I think my live set works better at this time. 

 Tell us about your new EP on DOTS – it has a superbly stripped back sound – how hard is it to make an impact with so few elements? 

 I am really happy with this EP, for this one I was trying to make something more minimal and simple, but also sexy and powerful on the dance floor. Furthermore, the great raw remix by Alvaro Medina gives the EP the perfect final brooch. 

 Who or what inspires your music? 

Hmm that’s not an easy answer, I don’t listen to much electronic music outside from parties I play at, and since I don’t play DJ sets, I rarely spend time listening and downloading new music. This has been the way for me to keep doing what I like without getting tied to trends. 

Do you make tunes you want to hear in your own sets? 

Well, I play live so, hehe. I only use my music when I play in my gigs, and it is an amazing feeling to see the crowd react to it. Sometimes it is hard to maintain the level throughout the 2 hours just with your own music, but lately I am feeling more confident and proud of the result. 

 What gear do you use – hardware or software, does that matter? 

 I love using hardware to produce and I think it is especially important for me to get what I want out of my music. I have some drum boxes and synthesisers, such as: MicrokorgXL, Electron DIgitakt, Electron Model:Samples, Novation Circuit to name a few. To record all of it I use Ableton, since I am very familiar with it and use it in my live act as well. 

 What goals do you have for the rest of your career – do you set yourself targets at all? 

 My only goal is to make my livelihood out of music, so I just focus on making it to the best of my ability, always learning and improving. 

You are very prolific – are you always making music? Do you always have ideas, or do you just experiment? 

 I focus 100% on my music, I treat it as my job, and for some time already it is so. I spend a lot of time in the studio working on different projects. I usually have an idea to start with and try different ways to make what I want. Some other times I just enjoy playing with the machines and from time to time cool things come out that I can use. But the most important thing is to work, good music will come. 

 You don’t often release on the same label twice – why is that? Is that conscious? 

 I only do that in my label Rewire Musik, or maybe on some friend’s label, but I don’t pay much attention to that, if I like the label and the music I am happy to release it. 

 What else have you got moving up/are you working on? 

I am working on a lot of new projects now, some cool EPs are coming soon in digital and vinyl in great labels. I am recording and producing an album for a band in my studio with my partner and I have some gigs also till the end of the year as “Enzo Leep”.I am also accompanying a very cool band here in my country, so can’t wait to see what is coming next and keep working like this. 

Thanks!! Enzo.


Pre-order Enzo Leep EP “Belmonte” is  released on DOTS. Music here.


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