Hey Marcel, great to catch up with you! How was summer, what was good and bad about it?
M: Thanks, it is a mutual feeling. It was a very productive summer, the good thing about it was that I managed to be highly focused finishing this album among other issues that I will be annoucing soon. The bad thing was mostly the heat waves, which is kind of peculiar because I come from the caribbean, but even so I can’t stand the heat long time.
Tell us about your new album ‘Ancient Mood’ – why now?
M: I began as a DJ in 2002, and then a bit later I became involved in the production world, ending up being captivated by the Techno sound back in those times, which in my view is present again with slight variations. From there comes the album’s name Ancient Mood and the sound it contains. I spent more than a year without releasing music, a reflective period in order to find myself artistically-wise. That is why I have decided to come back with this sound now.
What was the plan, did you have a sound or idea you wanted to represent?
M: Basically I want to develop my artistic facet under a cutting-edge concept.
Was it written all in one session or is it a collection of tracks from over a long period?
M: In both ways, some tracks were made long ago, and others during this summer.
Have you got any favourite tracks on the album, and why?
M: Hard to answer for I might have 2 or 3 favourites, but in this particular case I can talk about Bohemian Grove, cause it is the most mental and complete among the tracks in the album, inspired by the mystery of the Illuminati Bohemian Grove camp in California.
What else are you working on?
M: I’m working on 8 tracks which are going to be registered on 3 labels as well as in Fire & Fog Recordings next year.
Does being Venezuelan-Spanish have a certain impact on your sounds, does that heritage shine through in your music?
M: Of course it has had an effect in my sound, that is why my productions are percussive rather than melodic, which can be noticed way much more when I produced Tech House.
Are you concerned about gender balance of line-ups?
M: In my humble view, a talented individual is a talented individual. Regardless of gender.
Should DJs be more environmentally friendly? Pressing records, travel, etc all makes lots of emissions. 
M: I trust technology and for me new technology is more environmentally friendly than the old one.
What was your favourite toy when you were a kid? 
M: Airplanes and helicopters for sure…
Anything else you would like to add for our readers?
M: Whatever you want to develop, do it with love and conviction, thanks for the support given to me 🙂

Marcel Reix’s ‘Ancient Mood’ LP is out on 8th November 


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