How are you, what’s good, what’s bad for you right now?

– Thank you, everything is good. Now beginning a new period of my life. Before I spent all my time for podcasts, Youtube channel but now I started also to produce more music and finally will release it this autumn. I’m planning a lot of collaborations with other producers, most of them will be released on my label. Also, we already signed a lot of talented and young producers which we will show to the world in the near future.

When, where and how did you first get into dance music in Ukraine? Is it popular there and easy to find?

– I fell in love with electronic music more than 10 years ago. In 2008-2010 we had a lot of really cool parties, festivals, so on that moment I realized how big are my feelings to electronic music. Already in that time I liked progressive sounds and till now my feelings are the same.

You started out doing podcasts and radio shows – how did you get into that?

– I think every person, who chooses Djing as a profession knows, podcasts and mixes are the main attribute for showing their music to the world. When I became a Dj I started to record audio podcasts as everyone did, but 2013 Radio Intense started their work in Ukraine and the main idea was live streaming of video podcasts. For me this idea was interesting and after few weeks I recorded my first radio show there. The number of listeners was growing by every episode and in 2017 we recorded video, which for now has more than 10.000.000 views on Youtube.

Tell us about your label, why start it, what will the musical outlook be?

– Nowadays, the situation has developed in such a way that famous labels are much more interested in the name of the DJ songs of whom they publish rather than the material itself.
During the creation of Mind Games Podcast, I made it a rule not to pay attention to the name of the artist when choosing a tracklist. I don’t really care whether the world- famous DJ wrote a track or a beginner producer. If I like the track, I will definitely play it in the podcast.�I think young artists notice this. With the popularity of the podcast, the number of promos from them has also grown. Many tracks were awesome but not released. Then the idea came to my mind about why not show these tracks to the world not only on the YouTube site but also on the rest of the music platforms.�This is how Siona Records was founded.�The main feature of our label is that we do not care about the name and reputation. We select tracks for release on the label using only our ears and turning off the mind.

And about the new EP, Helios, what inspired it? Where did you write it?

– Inspiration just came to me. I felt like I’m absolutely ready to be back to the studio and produce new tracks. I did this at my home studio, which is not so professional but for now for me that’s more than enough.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

– For now, I have my YouTube channel where I make streaming of podcasts, vlogs about my life. I work on my own label, produce new tracks and every weekend travel around the world with performance in the clubs. I’m not sure that I have time for something more 😀 But who knows, less sleep and you will have more time for something new.

What is your ideal party, set time, location, crowd, venue type?

– The main thing is the crowd. If they know my music, knows me – nothing can be better. No matter what location. I think there are two things which will make my party ideal: crowd and perfect sound. Last time I had a lot of great parties. For example, two month ago I had a tour in South America. There were flights and parties every day during 10 days but the crowd was so amazing so I didn’t even feel tired. Also, this summer I played the first time on one of the biggest European festivals – Untold. Can’t find words to describe all my feelings. That was just insane!


Miss Monique ne EP “Helios” released on Siona Records will be out 7th October 2019


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