How are you, how has summer been?

Titö Cava: Hi, fine thanks, summer here in Barcelona is always crazy.

Jose del Amor: Yes, the summer has been really good, we’ve worked a lot in different venues. My partner Tito had a big proposal mixing electronic music with live music called Groov’& sounds and during these months we have been working non stop.

How did you guys first meet? What made you friends?

Jose del Amor: I played with a band and the vocalist was a common friend, and Tito came to see the concert. Later we started talking about music and a few days later we were producing music together!!

Titö Cava: Yes the music was our first thing in common, this happened 10 years ago.

Do you have similar or different musical backgrounds?

Jose del Amor: We both like all kinds of music…
Titö Cava: In electronic music we like the same as in other kinds of music

Rock Indie is another style we both enjoy.

When and why decide to start the label – what was the vision, the musical dream?

Titö Cava: 4 years ago when Jose started to live in Barcelona, Jose told me about this project and I thought that it was a great idea.

Jose del Amor: Our musical dream was to be able to produce our own music without having to explain to anybody why we did that. Make our records and have a response from people, simply depending on ourselves.

Was it inspired or influenced by any other labels?

Jose del Amor: In our case obviously Defected is a reference and the model to follow. Definitely the label with more important referenced tracks and the label most consolidated in the electronic scene.

Titö Cava: My favourites ones are Toolroom and Defected but I admire Urbana, elrow music and obviously Suara because they are labels born in Barcelona and they’ve achieved important things in a short time.

Will you do albums, vinyl, compilations, label parties etc in the future?

Jose del Amor: Of course, we’ve worked very hard preparing some new tracks. Our second reference, with our partner Uri Mood, and CASSIMM, have just achieved the 14th position in a top 100 in tech house in TRAXSOURCE.

My new track “Funk” with two remixes, one by Tito and other by Enzo Siffredi, and soon we’ve got new releases with good producers, Taking out one Ep by Luca M and another from our partner Anton Djaneiro…

Titö Cava: Yes, just now is starting the party jajaja. This next October 25th we have a showcase in Garage 442 and during the coming months sure you will enjoy our new releases for sure.

Tell us about your new EP – FUNK! What inspired it?

Jose del Amor: I love the electronic music with funk influence and this track just expresses this!! Dynamic guitars, funk bass, voices and rhythm, I enjoyed a lot producing this track!!


Tito, you have remixed the tune – how did you approach it? What stamp did you want to add to it?

Titö Cava: My remix is a bit different than Jose’s. I tried to respect the original because I like it, and I use the same guitars, but I included driving snares in my bass line so it’s totally different and in my remix I’m not using any vocal. 

You have collaborated many times before – what makes the partnership work?

Jose del Amor: Each of us has a role, but it is true that our partner Uri Mood has been really important for the label. His arrival was a great moment for all of us because he has experience in this world and he made the pieces fit.

Titö Cava: Another important factor is that we’re friends, and that helps!

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Titö Cava: Yes of course, it is just the beginning. All the team are working hard to appeal to important producers, make good tracks, and some showcases to play our music. We are ambitious, so our main objective is to consolidate the label and try to make it well known.

Jose del Amor: We want to make important things, and we’re willing to work very hard to meet our goals!!!

Jose & Titö’s ‘Funk!’ is out on 18th October 

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