French artist Moraze has been under our radar for some while now with his eclectic sound on his own imprint, Instance Records. His Phantasm radio show on Ibiza Sonica featuring himself and special guests were a great hit with us in 2019, so it is a pleasure to ask the talented producer to touch base with us…
Here is what went down…

What made you start out in music?


A friend in high school invited me to a party, we probably were 16 years old. I had no clue about djing and its culture. I remember being totally obsessed by the dj that night. Watching him building his set and interact with the crowd through music is still to this day a vivid memory. 

Who are your musical idols? Name one song that reminds you of your childhood?


I don’t really know if I have musical heroes per se. I feel like I always had a connection with music through different forms or arts. Inspiration is a rush and you can find it while watching a movie, appreciating a painting or simply walking in Paris.

My mom has been running a dance studio for years. She would always play some Sade to warm up before her classes start. I have heard “Smooth Operator” more than anybody. 

When did you get your first decks?


I got my first pair of turntables right before college. I bought a lot of records , spent countless nights practicing my craft. 

I see Djing as writing soundtracks. I want my sets to translate an inspiring moment I experienced. That feeling is a rush.

You have your Phantasm radio show and night, how did this start? What are your plans for that in the coming month? 


Ibiza Sonica is a pillar for the community, I am very proud to be a part of it, my show airs every Thursday evening. It is exciting to be able to share my vision with like-minded people from all over the globe. Once in a while depending on who is in town that week a friend joins me for a guest mix.

The idea of having a Phantasm night came organically. The concept is simple and revolves around a small intimate club, a local dj and a special guest. Our first party last month in Ibiza during closing week went beyond my expectations. We are finalizing details with couple of venues in Europe so we can bring the concept on the road this winter.

You have lived in several places in recent years what has your favourite been?


Ibiza is of course something really special. The beauty of the island, this incredible energy during 6 months is definitely something that changes your opinion about clubbing.

Ibiza holds a special place in my heart as I have been going there every year for the past 8 years, it is such a unique and gorgeous place. Definitely shaped my personality and my vision on djing and producing music over the years.

It’s hard to compare any other cities with Ibiza in term of energy but I toured last year in Argentina for a couple of gigs and I’m definitely looking forward to exploring different countries soon.


Can you name your favorite gig ?


I had a wonderful night in Manchester couple of months ago. You know I really believe it is not necessarily about a specific club or a particular city. I realized some nights, every planet is aligned. That night in Manchester was extraordinary.

When are you in the studio …


I am an “analogue man in a digital world”. To be frank, the most important thing for me when producing is finding sounds with character. If it comes from my Moog thats awesome, if its comes from my Repro 1 or Diva its the same satisfaction. Warmth and power is what I am after.

Do you have any releases coming up ? 


I just got back in Paris. I am really looking forward to spending time in the studio. I am experimenting new things lately and I am having a lot of fun. You can expect a couple of EPs from me in the next following months on my label Instance records, as well few remixes for friends.

If I could work with any artist ….


Collaborating with Rodriguez Jr or Township rebellion would be a dream, but even talking production with them over coffee would be a blast. Always been impressed by their productions, textures and aesthetics.