Mixtape and ITW from Just Her : Meet the woman who runs the Fantastic label Constant Circles

We release two fantastic releases from Constant Circles label this week: here and here. We have now the chance to ask some questions to Just Her (Aka Him_Self_her) with an exclusive interview for the channel !


About Just Her

– Which artist would like to work with in the next months?

Actually I’ve been doing quite a few collaborations recently, so in the next few months I will be focusing on working completely solo and creating some original Just Her material.

– Can you share with us your 05 favorite tracks (regardless of their style)?

I grew up listening to Electronica, Chill Out and Trip Hop, and this is still what I’m mainly into, outside of House & Techno. So I thought I’d give you five favourites of mine from these genres, old & new.

01. Vaults – Cry No More

02. Bonobo – Towers

03. Tricky – Overcome

04. Portishead – Roads

05. Dark Sky – Angels

– Tell us your best and worst memory during a party 

I’ve had a couple of interesting moments while playing in South Africa. I recently played at Carfax in Johannesburg for a brand called Seduction, and when I dropped my track “Follow You Down”, the dance floor went crazy and most of the crowd sang the vocal to me. It’s always an incredible feeling when that happens and it gave me goosebumps! But the time before I played in Johannesburg at a club called Truth, a girl decided to try and climb onto the front of DJ booth in the middle of my set and accidentally unplugged all the power.. So we had a few minutes of silence on a packed dance floor which was pretty shocking. I wouldn’t necessarily class these as the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ moments as they all make the experiences unique but they were certainly memorable.

– How long have you been creating tracks and what are your influences? What is your studio made of? Have you got a photo?

I’ve always been obsessed with music and I originally started out as a vinyl DJ around 15 years ago. Not long after this the technology started changing to digital, and then it became important to produce your own music in order to get gigs. So I decided to go back to university and get a Degree in Music Production and I’ve been making tracks for almost ten years now. As I mentioned, I’m heavily influenced by Electronica & Trip Hop and I think that’s where the more melodic, emotive and groove based elements of my tracks come from.


I’ve made sure I’ve limited myself with studio gear over the years and I learned the basics first before I started adding equipment to my set up. I work on Logic with a whole bunch of plug ins and a Rode Mic for vocals and sampling. On the hardware side I have a Moog Sub Phatty, a Volca Bass and then a really old Alesis QS6 that I occasionally use for some more retro and organic sounding samples. Ultimately I don’t think what is in your studio is important, it’s the end result that counts. If you make good original music, it doesn’t really matter how you made it.

– What are your plans for 2017?

The key focus of this year is to really grow my label and art concept Constant Circles. We have music showcases already secured at Culture Box in Copenhagen on 24th May, Horse & Groom in London on 9th June, MONO in Brighton on 10th June, La Principal Retro in Barcelona on 15th June for Off Week and a day party at Blue Box in Southampton 24th June, plus more to be announced.

I’m also really looking at developing the visual art side of the label and I recently curated my first visual art exhibition as part of the Brighton Music Conference, featuring contemporary visual art from my label artists & friends. Our next exhibition will be in London at the Factory Fifteen gallery and will run from 1st – 11th August. This is something I’m really proud of as it makes the concept unique in a saturated market.

On top of this I have a pretty busy touring schedule as Just Her, with gigs in London, Barcelona, Sweden and Mykonos, so at the moment I’m gearing up for an extremely busy summer, but when I’m at home I plan to make lots more music, keep fit and go surfing as much as possible.

– Have you got a pet ? We need a photo!

I don’t have any pets as I’m too busy and often on tour, so I feel it would be unfair to have one. However I do have a studio mascot, which Ive had since I was 2 years old (See picture haha)


About Constant Circles

– Can you tell us the story of the label, how did it start?

It has been a lifelong goal of mine to run my own business, of any kind really, but music was always my passion too, so a record label was the perfect place to start. I decided to create a concept that had a lot of meaning, and could apply to many different things, including music, art, fashion, lifestyle, education and so on. The idea is that all of these things move in cycles, everything comes back around and we are always influenced by the past & the future. Unceasing, limitless, a constant circle. 

– What are the upcoming projects for the label, releases, artists? Give us an exclusive!

Well you already have two exclusive premieres of our next release, the amazing remixes of DkA by Point Sole and Sobek! 🙂

But the release after that is something VERY special – it’s a collaborative EP by myself and one of my main artists Nandu. The lead track “Forget Our Love” features Kieran Fowkes on vocals, and the second track ‘Away” is a really cool deep techno track with a melodic mix and a stripped down mix. The EP has already gained support from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, &Me, B.Traits, Paco Osuna & Edu Imbernon and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

After that we have the next SPIRALS compilation featuring five up and coming artists, plus an EP from New York producer Allies For Everyone, which we will be releasing with a twist, in aid of a very special charity. Details of this coming soon.

– What would be your label’s Top 5?

This is SO difficult, as every release and track is special in it’s own way. But here are five personal favourites that I just keep coming back to…

01. Nandu – Love You Til The End (The whole album, it’s a masterpiece!)

02. Slow Hearts – Sub 37 (Radeckt Remix)

03. Just Her ft. Kieran Fowkes – Let Myself Go (Original Mix)

04. Mr Herbert Quain & HedUbble – The Night (To Find Another Place Mix)

05. Kris Davis & Yost – Relentless (Original Mix)

– In the two last releases we can clearly feel a new direction, can you tell us more about that ? What’s the main idea behind that ? 

Actually I feel that the style of music on the label has been quite eclectic from the start – over the first 2 years we have released pretty much every style from deep experimental Electronica right through to driving warehouse Techno, but usually with some kind of emotive or melodic element to the tracks. I guess with the current releases I am definitely moving away from the more progressive type sounds, back towards my roots of organic, credible House & Techno with a focus on groove and percussion, and you will definitely hear this more and more in the forthcoming music.

– What is your best memory since the creation has been created and what was your worst nightmare?

It sounds cheesy but the whole project has been one amazing memory so far. It is a lot of hard work, but even when there are difficulties it is never a nightmare for me, because Im doing what I love every day and there is no better feeling than that.

Just Her / Him_Self_Her