Hey Juliane, great to meet you! What’s good and what’s bad in your world right now?

My family is healthy, my music is developing more and more and this first release on my new label Wizarding Wolf is out now 🙂 What more could I wish for? And my mantra is, there is nothing bad in life, there are just challenges.

Tell us when you first started producing and how you have evolved since then?

I started around 2014 when I had an office job and wanted to break out of that world. Then I went through a long transformation process and now I am where I am – self-employed as a writer, music producer and live artist / DJ. I would never go back.

You have a pretty spiritual and thoughtful sound – does that reflect you as a person?


Thanks very much. I wouldn’t say I am 100 percent spiritual, because I also have a very realistic rational side, but I believe that things happen for a reason. But when it comes to music I believe in a higher consciousness. It’s not about drugs, it’s about expanding your soul when you are surrounded with the right sounds. That’s why I like trancy and spiritual sounds.
Do you DJ? What do you sound like?

I am DJing but also playing live acts with hardware. My sound reaches from ambient to progressive house and melodic techno. I can do many different sets in many different settings. For example, in one year I played one ambient live gig in a church in Cologne and afterwards a techno live set at Amsterdam Dance Event. So I can be really versatile. People always say ‚Concentrate on one genre‘ but I think this is not necessary. If you are an artist, do what you feel!

 Why now for your own new label Wizarding Wolf? And can you tell us more about why the name?

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and wanted to have a small reference to the Wizarding World. Wolf is my family name. I wanted to have my own label because I wanted to express myself freely, with my own concepts. I also do the artworks myself.

The text says you are still finding your sound – what are you looking for?

I am searching for a signature sound. If you listen to some really good producers, you will find a signature in all of their songs. I want to build up my own. At the moment, I am just producing music out of my own soul, but one day, I want the people to say ‚Ahh, this must be a track by Juliane Wolf! It’s her sound!‘ – This would be wonderful.


Will it only be for your own music or will you release others?

At the moment I am only planning to release my own music there, together with remixes from others. Maybe I will open up the label for other artists as well, if music is coming in that I really love.

What else you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
I am already finishing up release number two. It will be a 2 track EP by myself called ‚Fly me to the Juno‘. Promo will start soon. It will be fresh housey tunes with 80s sounds and one smooth acid house number for the beginning of summer. Release will be at the beginning of June, so watch out. 


Buy her latest EP here