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We have been lucky enough to catch up with French artist, Laboreal ahead of his album release on own label Delta Wave Records. The Resonance album covers a variation of moods and textures all intelligently arranged upon one frequency, discover for yourself….

Great to chat to you today, tell us a little bit about you, where are you based?  
Hello, my name is Maxime Robin and I come from a small town in France called Morlaix butI’ve been living in Nantes for the last few years. Like many young people I left my hometown to look for work.

How did your journey with music begin?
I started my Laboreal project after a few years, with long moments of reflection and meditative moments about 7 years ago.

What made you choose the name Laboreal? 
Laboreal is a name invented between the word laboratory and the northern lights. I created this pseudonym to create electronic music in 2011.

What would you say are your main inspirations for sound?
My musical inspirations are mainly states of consciousness. Moments or states of being. I leave myself mainly guided by a search for harmony between shadow and light. My research is to improve myself humanly as well as musically.

Congratulations on the album release coming this October. How does it feel to be releasing your ‘Resonance’ album on your own label Delta Wave Records?
Thanks, it’s always a risk to launch your label. I do it mainly to not prevent my songs sleeping on the computer, I don’t have too many special expectations except to continue to do what I like.

The whole album is recorded in 454hz, why do you think this is important?
454 hertz is a frequency that I feel close to right now. I’m having a hard time dialling at 440 Hz now. Simply because I have well awakened perceptions in a modified state of consciousness. It is simply that it no longer speaks to me. I still have a lot of ideas about projects. It is important to seek healing through sound. The opening of the 3rd eye to change my way of seeing music and the world. It’s energies through me that make the music and I just feel like an instrument that allows it.

What effect does this have to the listener?
This can be slipping if you listen to it for a while because the human is used to 440 hz. Personally I felt blockages in the body and then felt more liberated. I would say that it is less dense and that it takes time to adapt.

What studio set up are you using? Especially to create the album?
My studio is based on Ableton live 10. I also have a Roland SE 02 synthesizer to create basses and a Yamaha DX7 for nostalgia. I love old synths. I mainly use analog synthesizers (Prophet 08 and korg minilogue at the moment) I really like the combination of these synthesizers and having the functions at hand. As well as using my own recordings for rhythmics.

What else are you working on as, Laboreal? 
I also work on other projects with singers. For example I have just composed this project:

What are your 3 favourite tracks of all time?

Max Cooper – Incompleteness
The Light – The Album Leaf
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Moya

Thank you for your time.

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