With a jam packed year ahead playing at the likes of Tomorrowland, Mystic Garden Festival, Straf_werk, we caught up with Dutch rising artist, VNTM Live about his favourite live acts…

Although they are not close to my own sound, this was the first live techno act that blew my mind.
It was about 5 years ago when I saw them live in the Netherlands, it was the first liveset I could watch closely from backstage
and the way they improvised and made the crowd dance to a deep techno trip really made a big impression.
Relentless kicks and heavy synth lines fully improvised with a huge load of analog gear.

Woo York
These 2 are a very big inspiration for me and I had the chance to play with them twice already here in the Netherlands. Their sound is very deep and emotional but especially hypnotizing. The way they interact during their livesets is really exciting to see, they improvise all the time but their communication is very minimal or they don’t speak at all. Just by showing what they are going to do or sign with their hands they complement each other in a very harmonic way.

This year when I played with them I had to close the night after a very heavy techno artist and I was kinda worried about keeping the energy level going. But after a really good chat with them they made me realise that it was smart to start with a long intro and tell my own story. It worked out really well and the crowd stayed till the end despite the fact that it wasn’t as hard or energetic as the set before me, so I’m happy they gave me that advice and I bet there is still plenty to learn from them!

Kiasmos Live
Olafur Arnalds has been a big musical inspiration for me with his gentle piano compositions.
So when he started with his live dance act called Kiasmos I couldn’t be more eager to listen!
You can still hear the same classical approach to his music here but in a more modern and danceable way.
The way he does improvisations and plays with the intensity of his synths is one of a kind.

Their latest album has been on repeat at home for the past few months,
I never had the chance to see them play live before so I have to do it with this live recording.
But the complete show with visuals and the eclectic style of music combining techno and breakbeats is really inspiring.

One of my favourite artists right now, always delivering a very deep and minimal liveset.
He has a very distinct sound and I saw him live for the first time during ADE last year,he played very heavy and dramatic breaks combined with his signature drops that carry you away with his synths.
I can imagine his sets are too dark for some people but I admire the fact that he always stays true to his own sound.

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