Instance Records main stay, eclectic producer and raw talent, Moraze sets up shop for the next release on said label. The ‘Zephyr EP’ is a journey through sound, bound by euphoria and a relentless pathway in to outer realms. Recent times have seen this producer/DJ delivering some of his finest work, with no exception here. There is no better time to catch this man, so we thought we better jump on the opportunity.

The French artist discusses the influences he has withdrawn from his home country when it comes to music…


F Com

This label really needs no introduction by now. Led by national treasure Laurent Garnier, F Com is one of France’s proudest exports to the outside world. They’ve made so many things possible and opened doors to so many dreams.

Rodriguez Junior

I am a massive fan of his work. His unique sense of groove is so powerful and can move any crowd! Whether it’s a DJ set or a live act , Rodriguez Jr always provides what I look for in a DJ/producer: musicality and a fine tuned technique. Simply brilliant.


Point G – Balea

Point G, a.k.a. DJ Gregory, has provided me with one of my favorite songs ever. Hypnotic keys mixed with a Groove Master bass line, what a bomb! This track is an absolute club killer by any measure.

Carré Coast (Biarritz)

Based in the south of France, Carré Coast is proof that an electronic music culture is possible anywhere when things are done well. I’m lucky enough to play there often, and the crowd always gives a huge reaction. Jennifer Cardini, Red Axes… So many amazing guests run this crazy place!

Nuits Sonores (Lyon)

Based in Lyon, this festival has been bringing us fantastic lineups since its inception. We’re talking the heart and essence of electronic music: Richie Hawtin, Tale Of Us, Seth Troxler. Atmosphere guaranteed.

Moraze Bio, and Soundcloud, ‘Zephyr’ coming soon on Instance Records.
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