Chaim is a master of real atmosphere and now he’s back with another of his spellbinding offerings on the Disco Halal label run by countryman Moscoman. He serves up three new tunes with one remix by Trikk. 


Opener Your Mulana has an exotic feel, with shivering vocals and tense drums laid over with fat synths. It is curious and deep and really keeps you engaged. Trikk remixes it into a more elastic dub, with warm drums and jumbled percussion, while the middle eastern vocals are allowed to breathe. Ventilator feat Roei is another enchanting number with wailing guitar riffs ringing into the night and dumpy drums getting you moving. Last of all is Toriaz Feat Motum and it’s a loose limbed concoction, with rolling snares and tumbling drums all bringing a fresh groove, while effected vocals add a layer of weirdness that is compelling, like the EP overall. 
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