Italian artist DJ Cream has built a solid reputation around his ability to produce pleasant house and dreamy atmospheres within his sets. A regular face with the Robsoul crew. Speardheading the way with his Smile&StayHigh outlet, and most recently his City Lights EP accompanied by fellow Italian, Black Loops. A killer combo ready to make you move, with both artists providing two tracks each.

We managed to catch up with DJ Cream and asked him to give us a run down of his favourite spots for digging around the globe.

    1. Your Own Collection

      “There’s no better place to find some hidden gems! It happens to me a lot of times to find some B sides that I wasn’t play before”.
  1. KMA60:

    “Just opened in Berlin this amazing shop with a super selection of second hand daily updated!”
  2. L’Archivio

    “A really nice spot in my hometown Bologna with a massive selection of second hand and some rare stuff!”
  3. Discos Paradiso

    “I’ve been in Barcelona four times and I’ve always visited this place! In my opinion is one of the best record shop of the world!”
  4. Second hand markets 
    “There are a lot of this places around the world where you can find some really expansive records and you can buy them for a really cheap price! Nowdays prices on Discogs sometimes are crazy!’