We have the pleasure of speaking with infamous Berlin based live act and Radau label bosses GHEIST. We find out more about how the four artists met, their dynamic together as well as an insight into their musical inspiration, Radau label and more…

How has your summer been, what have been the highs and the lows, the bad and worst bits?

We had a fantastic summer with lots of great shows, met wonderful people and enjoyed every bit of it. We are really grateful for the time we are having right now. On the other hand we learned that we have a thing going on for train and flight delays. There is nothing like hanging out in an airport for another six hours with a hangover ;).

How did you guys first meet, where and when?

We met about 13 years ago in the south of Germany. We were studying music together and instantly became very good friends 

We’ve been working and sharing our lives with each other ever since.

What made you want to work together? Did it happen quickly?

It’s been a combination of various things that actually led very quickly to us working together. Most of all we became very good friends, out of trust and respect. On top of that we always shared a very similar vision of music and how to approach the industry. From the beginning we’ve been writing music, in every possible constellation with each other and worked constantly on our common goals. After all these years it’s easy to say, we’re not just working together, we definitely are family. 

Who does what? Do you all have different skills and backgrounds when it comes to making music?

We clearly have different key strength’s, but we also share a lot of skills. Knowing each other, as well as we do, helps a lot to sense how everybody clicks throughout a creative process. We always try to give each other as much freedom as possible to maintain a good flow and vibe. This being said, we still have slightly different backgrounds in music, so when it comes to producing, writing, mixing or arranging music, each one of us knows when to step in and take responsibility.  

Tell us about your new label, why you started it, what the musical outlook is, and who you will release. 

We just recently founded the label „Radau Records“ and are very happy about the outcome of the first release „Frequent Tendencies“. We always wanted to start our own label to gain full power over every upcoming step we are taking. „Radau“ means freedom to us. It gives us the opportunity to release our music whenever we feel it’s right. On top of that, it’s a space to develop our idea of sound and vibe and the way to enter the music industry itself. For now „Radau“ is a platform we only use to release GHEIST. But we hope, in the near future we are capable of giving other artist’s a place to share their passion with you.   

And about the new single, what’s the vibe, the inspiration for it?

„Ueberall“ contains all the impressions we were allowed to make throughout the last few months playing all these shows. We’ve been through such great, funny and crazy moments that had a huge impact on this song. It’s definitely the kind of sound we as GHEIST and Radau stand for. It for sure is a very important release to us and we couldn’t be more happy and excited about it.  

It’s a feel good track – do you prefer positive music, is music a relief and sort of therapy for you?

We absolutely like positive music, but we still love the melancholic twist. We don’t prefer one vibe over the other, it simply has do be done well and represent you as an artist. Music and the people behind it, have to be authentic in order to make you feel. So creating music is a huge relief for us and it’s a big part of us expressing ourselves. We wouldn’t say it’s therapy, but it still is a great way to stay healthy and happy ;). 

Tell us about your Riverside studio – what sort of gear do you have in there, what’s the atmosphere of the place?

As there are many great artists based at „Riverside Studio’s“, we feel very happy about the whole environment. There is an eager exchange between all the different musicians and as it’s based in the centre of Kreuzberg it’s surrounded by lots of nice bars and clubs like „Watergate“ for example.

Throughout the years we collected quite a lot of gear we love working and sampling with. We‘re based in Logic and Ableton, but combine it with drum machines and synths, like e.g. the „Dave Smith Toraiz“ or an old „Korg Electribe“. We also quite often use a „Prophet 8“ or the“ Vermona Perfourmer“ and sometimes we stumble upon these tiny synths like „The Dreadbox Hades“, which is a really cool machine. In general there is no fixed path for us. It could be anything and any synth as long as the idea feels right. But there is one thing that is typical for us, we always have a piano by our side to compose a track and see how it works only on keys. It’s a good way to check wether we like the transitions and chords.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Actually we never stop producing music and we are constantly working on our live show, as we have quite a few gigs coming up in the next months. We are also planing another release on „Mobilee“ which is supposed to come out at the end of this year.

We are very much looking forward to everything what’s to come and everyone we are going to meet ;).

Uberall is out 28th September! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/ueberall/2378744