Residing in Madrid building a reputation around top shelf vinyl releases, fun parties and are renowned for being one of the tastemakers of the scene in this corner of the world.

We caught up with the label to discuss all things Black Wood. The past, present and future…

Hi Black Wood, thanks for chatting to us today.

Can you tell us a bit about the history of Black Wood, how did it all begin? What gave you the urge to create a label?

The label was born in 2017 and created by two of the most emblematic underground producers in Madrid, Alvaro Medina & Marcos in Dub. In 2018 Alvaro Medina took the lead of the project and partnered up with Roots party owner Pablo Salazar.

Is there any labels out there that particularly influence you and the sound you represent?

The labels that have particularly influenced me are labels like Perlon, Botanic Minds, PressureTraxx, Yoyaku, Robsoul and many others. The sound we try to represent with our releases is a mixture of old school house, hypnotic sounds and new minimal tendencies.

How did the recent release with Dj W!LD and Arapu come about? Killer combination here.

We had a personal relationship with DJ W!LD and he’s one of the producers we admire the most, as he is the perfect mixture between old school anagogic house and minimal. The opportunity to release him came up with 3 original bangers and we had to close it. And for an EP of these characteristics we needed a really good remixer, and Rumanian producer Arapu came up with a masterpiece.

Any tips you can give to anyone out there thinking to start a label?

Don’t do it for the money, there are thousands of labels come up with a sound you like and represent and follow it, finally try to find timeless tracks is my best advice if you just follow tendencies music won’t be original.

Distribution sometimes becomes a struggle for smaller labels, do you have any advice on distribution?

Uff, this question is complicated as we have been struggling with distributors in the past. The best advice is if you trust your product and your music pay it yourself and find a good distributor. P&D deals, in the end, are not worth it. We are now working with Memoria Music Distribution and we are really happy with the outcome of this last release and their professionalism.

Can you name a few artists you would dream of having on the label?

Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Julian Perez, Priku, Barac and many more.

Last of all, what is coming in the near future with Black Wood?

We are already working on the next few releases and we can tell you there is some very serious stuff, special mention to our dear friend and great producer TOLAB that passed away and one of his last tracks “Warrior” will be released on our next VA.

Thank you for your time.!LD_Southpaw_King_EP_BW003_Vinyl__932083