Hey, great to meet you! What’s new with you right now?
Thanks, it’s great to meet you too. Right now, my team and I are working on the release of my upcoming album Mountiri. Days full of Interviews like today or last-minute graphic details and promotion stuff like a radio tour is on my plan. Regardless of the album thing, I’m healthy. It’s the most important thing for every one of us, in my opinion.

Has your style, your taste or technique evolved much over the last year?
Of course – to stand still is never good, things always have to move. That’s part of our world right? So I myself have moved and evolved as well. The style that I’m into you can always hear from my productions, as I have always tried to transform my mood & being into music since I started producing.

Your upcoming LP ‘Mountiri’ is a lovely flowing journey that seems to blend effortlessly into one. What was the inspiration for you around the LP?
Thank you, and I’m happy you felt that way by listening! My inspiration has always come from daily life, and of course by travelling, which is a big part of my life over recent years. I took January off from touring this year to calm down from all the hustle and bustle. It ended up that i spent the time in the studio in Frankfurt, and the result of it was „Mountiri“. The album was done in one go and had no prior planning beforehand at all. So good things happen if we move, and I’m very happy for this chapter.

You also run the label RKJVK – what have been the best and worst bits of running it so far?
As with everything in life, you can see bad and good things in anything, but let’s focus on the good ones, which in any case owns the majority. The total freedom you get as an artist with your own label is priceless. No waiting periods after you finish your productions, your sound doesn ́t have to fit into any particular label policy or need another supporter other than yourself. I like to do the artwork myself, for example, or take pictures for it and just make the cover out of it. It’s part of my artistic freedom and I love this feeling and am always thankful for these possibillities.

How do you know what sort of music is right for the label? What’s the vibe?
The vibe will always be the same as my DJ sets – it can be slow, or fast, but will always keep the Rey&Kjavik soul, which you can hear on my latest releases and remixes too. Until now there have been only my original tracks on RKJVK, alongside remixes by friends and artists that I play a lot. Next year we’re going to start with original productions by other artists too, and I’m really looking foward to this.

What are the best and worst bits about your job?
One thing we will never have enough of is time and to spend that much time on my own away from my family and beloved ones is one point that I will never be happy with. But on the flip-side of this point, I can ́t have a better „job“ – if we even want to call it this.

If you could tell yourself one thing you know now that you didn’t when you started out, what would it be?
I’m lucky since my earlier years in the scene I always had a good knowledge and a great team around me when I started with music production. If I could tell something to the young producers of today, it would maybe be the point of choosing the right label. If you’re new to the scene and just wanna release your productions, this one thing has to always be in your mind. You can have so many failures in releasing music on labels that people see as the wrong ones, and you might never have the chance to come across the ones you want to be on one day with your projects. I know this makes it much harder because a lot of fresh producers don’t get listened to much anymore, and it feels like politics controls the art somehow, but always believe in your dreams, show your skills and take the right decisions for yourself. If the time is right you’ll know it.

Have you got goals, hopes and dreams for the new year? What are they?
My goal for next year is in spending more time with my family and friends, because the recent years were super crazy with all the travel and touring life. My dreams – and even if it sounds naive – are peace on this planet and that we take care on the planet itself. We all need to protect it and see us all as one. We are only guests, and we have to act like this for all of us. I think it ́s never wrong to dream big, so here we go.

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