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Wildfang Selene VA : Exclusive Promo Mix by Deep Filip

We are happy to share with you this exclusive continuous mix by Deep Filip of Wildfang’s new VA artist compilation Selene.

Wildfang Music VA 2018

Basel based Wildfang Music family is representing their 2nd various artist compilation – split into two stories. The story of Helios and the story of Selene. As the summer brings lots of sun, people come together to celebrate their own orb and its energy. Helios, god of the sun is the messenger of the cozy and slower part, organic and harmonic, to find the right mood in the daytime. Selene, god of the moon is sending us into the night, deeper, darker and stronger, to feel the driving force of our dance floors.

Following artists will be your guides for this journey through time:

Alaix Pulse | Alvaro Suarez | Arteriam & Warte:mal | Dolph | Echoel | Fulltone | George X | Guzy | Ioanis & Don Son | Joep Mencke & Deep Filip | Kaan & Thommie G | Kapoor | Landhouse & Raddantze | Lars Neubert | Parrallells | Passierschein A38 | Rabih Rizk | Sander | Savvas | Stil & Bense | Thorsten Walker | VANDER | Victor Norman | Viel | Vincent Gericke | WOTAFAK | youlaike

Helios & Selene

A constitution of the mighty interdependence between 2 opposite sides, both influencing our being in a specific way and each depending on other. Without darkness no light. Without day no night. Dive into this symbiotic interaction of two melting dimensions and join the circle of life. Feel the unit of time…

WFM001 Helios

Explore the strength of the daylight, sent by the god of the sun, Helios. Positive vibes caused by the full spectrum of lightwaves, filling up your energy level with power to resist till the next sunrise. Pure bliss will be gained as a side effect. The magic of these live creating conditions will always be impressive…

WFM002 Selene

After light comes dark, after the sundown the moon is rising. Selene, sister of Helios and god of the moon is lightening us the way through the darkness, as it orbits our world, and its gravity keeps the tides moving. The beauty of our shiny natural satellite gives us what we need to face the dawn…

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