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PREMIERE : ODDiO FACToRY – To Be Or Not To Betty feat. Marteen (Original Mix) [Chapter 24 Records]
Release Date : 2019-12-06

And now for something completely different. Making their release debut, Parisian pair ODDiO FACToRY serve up a powerful dose of wonky disco tech goodness for our 42nd Chapter, aided by two reworks from French house legend Franck Roger.

The package opens with a dose of hooky, funky quality in OK Carrol. Referencing the Western shoot out of 1881, this is a killer slow jam which packs a combination of guitars and dark, off kilter grooves.

Title track To Be Or Not To Betty feat Marteen is a glorious combination of infectious funky guitar licks, soulful vocals and huge bass, all overlaid with bewitching, dark atmospheres.

As founder of the classic imprint Real Tone Records, Franck Roger knows a thing or two about house music. For his Wonky Edition, he takes a deep, rolling and dubby route that keeps things hypnotic, interspersed by an epic and dramatic sub line. This is backed up by a Wonky Dub which is a club tool guaranteed to keep the dancefloor moving in the deepest hours of the night.

All told, ODDiO FACToRY’s To Be Or Not To Betty is a masterfully rounded EP with a deft French touch.