Today we are immensely proud of hosting exclusively on Sweet Musique one of the most successful weapons this summer, played around the world by Solomun, Dixon, Tale of Us, and produced by the Italian duo Fideles who reinterpret the emotional tune “Hidden Place” released by Björk in 2001.

After some impressive releases on Afterlife, Innervisions, Exit Strategy, etc. in the past couple years, we asked Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti to tell us more about themselves, their work and their next moves.

Your edit of Bjork’s ‘Hidden Places’ seems like, and correct us if were wrong, your first venture into re-editing a vocal-centric track, what inspired you to explore this route?

Well, it’s not our first experience working with a vocal tune, but yeah for sure our first time giving a personal edit to a artist and track like this. We have been playing this edit since the start of this year, not 100% sure to share it with anyone but after seeing the crowds reactions we couldn’t not share it with some close DJ friends.

Would you consider yourselves Bjork fans? if so, what’s your favourite track:

Yes, we are big fans of Bjork and a hard question to pinpoint one favourite track, but if forced to mention one, we would say “Hyper-ballad”.

You as a duo have grown tremendously as artists over the years, testing out different sounds, does this particular style resonate with your plans for future productions? Thing is, we’ve never focused on a specific sound, we simply made music we loved in that moment without following any future trends. So we wouldn’t say this edit is an exact example of what you can expect from us in the near future because who know’s what we’ll make next. Further, we prefer not to follow any trends as the creates boundaries when making music, all the best ideas come from experimenting such as this edit!
You’ve focused on DJ gigs the past year, traveling all across the globe, how much do you think connecting with more and more audiences impacted your growth as producers?
Being lucky enough to perform around the globe has a really interesting impact on our production. Playing in different locations to different crowds with varying music tastes mean you cannot always play what you have in mind and you have to adapt. Being able to adapt together with the experience of meeting new people and going to new places is really helpful for new ideas and new music. We always say people are often an inspiration source for musicians, and sometimes such a good connection can help you to better understand direction of music.
What’s your plans for the rest of 2018 production/release wise, are you back in the studio? what projects do you have in the pipeline, remixes, new album?
At the moment we’re actually nearly finished with building our new studio which is surrounded by nature and is totally eco-friendly. After a summer of touring and we have a lot of ideas and excited to get back into the studio and write new music. We have upcoming music in the coming months but we like to keep quiet on that until the time is right.

Is there a planned released for Chereona? this is personally one of our favourite tracks ever! banger.
Actually Cheronea doesn’t have a home yet, so no deadline at the moment. Happy to hear people are going crazy about that…

In there any particular country, city, club, festival, etc. where you would like to play next?
We have no a specific place, we are more than happy to discover new places and people while traveling and playing music. Though recently seeing photos from Burning Man, this would be something exciting, would be really crazy to drop some music over there, it would be something really emotional.

Who is a better cook, Daniele or Mario? and what’s your favourite type of cuisine?
Mario has two children, so he is a super baby-food cook using local meat, fish and vegetables in Italian cuisine style. Personally I love cooking but don’t like so much following recipes or advise but just being free to try new variations mixing different type of cuisines. Turkish being my favourite cuisine.

How did you guys meet? how long did it take to develop the idea of Fideles?
We met around 9 years ago in a small club close to where we lived at the time. Our relationship grew and the project Fideles naturally came one or two years later, we had the same music view and studio methods.