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Release Date : 2018-08-06
Label : ATLANT Recordings

For the 19th ATLANT opus we head to Italy as our grand tour traverses the southern Apulia region via Toscana to you bring Glowal, the exciting brainchild of Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini. Glowal present an uncompromising underground sound, with nods to techno but still with a big focus on melodic elements to create the exciting sounds of tomorrow.

Lead cut ‘Divisions Control’ starts with a familiar 4/4 beat lulling you into a false sense of security as Glowal take you on a thrilling ride into unchartered waters. Early on the track thrashes and wrestles with you, as floating arp lines and intermittent explosions of sub-bass give the sense that something truly special is to come. From nowhere the most beautiful celestial synth lines fill the room with warmth and a sense of spiritually, only for you to be shaken out of your brief trance to seek cover as the thunderous overhead technoid attack continues.

By contrast devastating stomper ‘Colony’ takes aim firmly at the dance-floor with a tribal influenced groove and infectious narrative about the ‘system’ that, once heard, will be firmly implanted in your memory. Expect to hear this one all summer long

This pair of tracks have been stealthy little weapons in ATLANT impresario BOg’s record box ever since we received the unmastered demos back in February. The music was signed on first play and has formed an integral part of BOg’s sets across the globe, getting a massive crowd reaction every time. Now the secret is out there.