Meet the Oslo Duet Of Norway with an exclusive Mixtape and an Interview

Here is a new mixtape  from the two norvegian guys:  Of Norway. They already release solid tracks on Connaisseur Recordings, My favorite Robot, Soma and they already played in the bests underground clubs like Tresor, Bar25, Katerblau.
It’s free for downloading, and we had a chance to ask them some questions !






-How long have you been creating tracks and what are your influences ?

Hello and thanks for hosting our mix! We had been in the same circle of DJs and producers in Oslo for a few years before we started to make music together. We were doing different things musically, Vegard was doing house music both as a DJ and a producer as well as running a record label. Chris was playing in bands and DJing drum n bass, electro and electronica-stuff. We started working together when Chris got as remix request he needed help with. The first track we made together got released in 2007 and we have been working together ever since.

-What is your studio made off ? Have you got a photo ?

We’ve moved studio a few times, and it’s tiresome business, so this time Vegard decided to build a small home studio in his new flat. Just so happens that Chris lives just up the street, so it all worked out pretty well. Being a home studio meant we had to scale down a little, so out went the big mixer, and in stead we opted for an old RME card that supports 24 pipes of ADAT, combined with the Overbridge feature of the Elektron boxes this gives us a flexible, yet compact set-up. As for gear we have a few bits and bobs still in the attic, that might be brought back into the studio at some point, but we feel quite happy with the stuff we got connected at the moment. Our main set-up consists of Cubase as the DAW, Elektron Analog Rytm as our main drum machine for analog sculpting, Roland TR-8 as our 808 / 909 drums, Elektron Analog 4 as our analog poly-synth, Arturia Microbrute for bass and leads (we also have the Moog SlimPhatty here, but havent used in ages), Elektron AnalogHeat for distortiong, filter and EQ (we run almost all tracks via this to give them some grit), some Roland boutiques, StompBoxes, mics for recording live perc etc and of course a lot of VSTs. That’s the main stuff. We have some that we connect as needed. Behind me we also have a little DJ Station with 2*1200s, 2xPioneer XDJ1000, an Urie mixer and a Pioneer RMX1000 – which we use for our podcasts and such.

IMG_3861 IMG_3862

-How did you meet with Connaisseur ?

We met with Connaisseur a little by chance, when we were shopping around for labels for some of our music. Our music is maybe not as accessible as a lot of producers, so in the begining we were struggeling a little to find labels that dared release it, and we didn’t really think that Connaisseur would even listen to our tracks (also a little because of our corny naming and humor – at that time we used black metal names and even had a necro logo, just for fun) – but we sent them some tracks and we’re delightfully surprised when they came back with a positive reply. And now 2 albums later, we’ve grown super close friends, and I am certain that we will always be connected and work together no matter what happens.

-You are close to the amazing label Connaisseur, can you tell us a little more about your meeting and plans ?

We were really pleased to get a track on their Grand Cru 2010 compilation album with a track called Skogen Kaller

And shortly after that we were invited to play a Connaisseur Showcase at the legendary Bar 25 in Berlin

 After that we were friends!

-What are your plans for 2017 ?

We are releasing our second album on Connaisseur Recordings “The Loneliest Man In Space” on April 21st, playing some live shows, doing some DJing, doing some remixing and making a whole bunch of new tracks. Also Chris is getting married to the lovely Jeanette, that’s worth mentioning!

-Who would you like to work on an Ep with and who are the artists you are following these days ?There’s many people we’d like to work with, mostly musicians though, as we’re not super good at working together with other producers. Making music is, to us, something that binds us together as friends, gives us joy and focus in life.. You know, some people play sports together or go fishing or something. Music is kind of what we do. our “thing”. So mabye that’s a reason we play so well together, but struggle more when working with other producers? Hmmm… or scrap all that, if I (Vegard) could pick someone to work with it would be Drummond and Caughty just to experience the madness / genius.

-What is your set-up live made off ?

Our live set up has been through so many changes in the last years, from Maschine, Ableton, 100% hardware, back to Ableton, back to hardware but we have finally found that what works best for us now are the following tools:

Aira MX-1 (mixer)
Tr-8 (Drum machine)
Launchpad mini (controller)
Analog Rytm (Drum Machine / Sampler)
JX-08 (Synth module)
TB-03 (Synth module)
RMX-1000 (FX unit)

We remember talking to Chymera, a fellow Connaisseur recordings artist at a gig about the live set up he used and he said he had tuned it for 10 years! It turns out he was very right! It takes a lot of time and we learn a lot from trial and error.

-Would you like to launch your own label ?

We will see what the future brings 😉

-Can you give us your 10 favorite tracks ?  

just 5 from us. Haha.

Jonny L – This Time (Carl Craig Remix) 1996

A Number Of Names Sharevari (Capriccio 1981)

Charlie – Spacer Woman (Original Mix) (also Charlie The Welsh’s favourite)

Arpanet – Wireframe Images

Petar Dundov – Oasis

-Have you got a pet ? We need a photo !

Chris’ pet is called Charlie the Welsh:


Vegard has two pets. Two lovely cats, they are named Candy and Messi. Candy sounds like a stripper and the other is a footballplayer, but that was the name they had when he got them. Photos below. Candy and Messi participated also on the album with some heartwarming purring on the title «The Soothing». They are even mentioned in the credits.

Sans titre