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The 20th ATLANT release continues our ethos of bringing you fresh and exciting sounds from around the world. ATL020 provides undeniable evidence of a flourishing Swiss scene, as the supremely talented Night Talk drops an exhilarating two tracker.

‘Moran’ catches your attention immediately though an addictive jagged theme. Ever shifting beats create a sense of drama as Night Talk cranks up the tension through subtle shifts, before a swirling hypnotic synth enters. The extended breakdown stirs a heightened sense of anticipation before the full power of Moran is unleashed on a captivated audience for the final movement. Trust us, this one works !

The second half of this EP centres around the poem ‘To A Skylark’ by philosophical poet and visionary Shelley. Starting with a minimal pulsing beat and singular synth line the narrative enters as ‘Higher still and higher from the earth thou springest higher’ the theme soars upwards – its melody floating overhead. The mood is accentuated by echoed percussives, sweeping arp flourishes and sumptuous stirring lines, all beautifully brought together with taste and elegance.

This EP has already received heavyweight support from Solomon (live) and on John Digweed’s long running groundbreaking Transitions show. This is alongside the BOg seal of approval from his recent tour of Australasia and the depths of a German forrest. We sincerely hope our ATLANT family enjoys this music as much as we do.

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