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PREMIERE : Animal Trainer – Dharma (Mulya Remix) [Monaberry]

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About the EP :
Now marking ten years of releases on labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Pokerflat, Mobilee, Lena, Hive Audio and many more, the Swiss duo Animal Trainer make their debut on Super Flu’s Monaberry with two stunning message of a dancefloor peace.

‘Rigpa’ hits the second those strings sashay into the blend, swooning and gliding over their signature low ‘n’ slow beat. Timeless in its sense of emotion and euphoria, stately in the way it unfolds, it’s another precision heart-melter from Sammy and Adrian.

‘Dharma’ flips for a contrast experience. A drum-focused affair laced with tribal intricacies and more majestic synth tones entering mid way, there’s a latent sense of drama that pays off gradually, hypnotically, spiritually…

Finally Monaberry newcomer MULYA returns with a little add remix spice. Deeper, darker and more pensive than the original, it builds into something so powerful and soul-stirring we believe it could inspire gorillas to paint water colours. But this, of course, is uncorroborated… For now.