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PREMIERE : Braunbeck & Hazel – Bygone Landscapes (Original Mix) [Sol Eterno]


The up and coming Berlin-Based label which graced the underground electronic music scene with a groundbreaking EP earlier this year, is back for another well-balanced conjunction of two talented artists and musical styles that though strong on their own, simply put, reach another level when intertwined. Through Sol Eterno’s debut release last year, Braunbeck ignited the label’s momentum, and by joining forces with longtime friend and co-founder Hazel circles back on this foundation. Together, the duo bring to light a sound that very much resonates with the essence of Sol Eterno – unhurried, emotionally unrestrained, groove-driven, melodic and textured.

Careened by a temperature-inducing, percussion-heavy build up, A side starts out plush and packs its grip with a laborious yet equally enigmatic vocals. The 6:34 title track is by no means linear, and its unrelenting diffusion into all aural space is as overwhelming and almost so necessary as all things sun (Sol), and as complicated and sense-nourishing as any orbit (Eterno). Multi-purposely a reference to the label’s name too perhaps, Sole is a bit more than a song, it is also a story, and more than a story has soul, and may just be a parcel of the label’s essence itself: its makers.

Complementing Sole is a sprawling fairground of demiurgic sound structures that together are poetic at worst and euphoric at best. A propulsive bassline at its substratum is elegantly ornamented with subtle percussion and well-tempered jostling of electronic elements. But what truly is the vim of SOL003’s concluding track is its perfect play on pitch, and its vigor, an expressive melody that evokes the enamor and melancholia of Bygone Landscapes.

Braunbeck and Hazel candidly fell in place on a winning formula from the label’s onset and in SOL003, sticks with it: a two tracker that draws on the beauty of complexity and careful maneuver and harmonizing of contrasts beyond the dimensions of sound.