PREMIERE : Carlos Barbero & George Olmos – Keita (Juan Remix) [DEPTH]

Release date : 23th February


With « Keita » EP, Depth gives voice to rising talents from innovating and growing Panamà’s electronic music movement: Carlos Barbero & George Olmos.

The two original tracks showcases a uniting passion for deep and organic percussive foundations merged with hooky melodic synth sequences and exotic vocal interjections, which lead to create a both groovy and hypnotizing aesthetic.

Juan’s take on Keita is featuring a slightly darker atmosphere set off by a profound bass line and backed with this unique and infectious ethnical-house signature which identifies his own productions as spiritual journeys.
Keene’s remix of Tafari emphasizes the afro-spirited moods with frenzy tribal drum beats and sharp stabbing synths, injecting the right power to ignite the dance floor and make the crowd freak out.

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