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PREMIERE : Maximalism – Mishka [Nie Wieder Schlafen]

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The duo finishes off the EP with an ambient and soothing final, that not only complements the B-side, but gives a nice response to Glimpse, with the very fitting title „Music Is The Answer“. Wavy elements and the slow and gentle build up of the track, make this one feel light and smooth. No big sound modulations or drops that would interfere with the calming atmosphere, this one is able to build up. Simply through adding and taking away elements of this production, the track keeps holding and releasing tension further dismantling the idea of FX-filled build ups and drops. The simple structure leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which will draw quite different stories in the individual mind of a listener.

Originals written by Maxim Muhin & Alesia Druk
Remix written by Anton D’hoeraene
Cover Art designed by Giulia Gallizzi
Mastered by Robert Trifunović


► Maximalism :
Soundcloud : @maximalism_sound
Facebook : fb.com/maximalism.face

► Nie Wieder Schlafen :
Soundcloud : @niewiederschlafen
Facebook : fb.com/niewiederschlafen
Instagram : https://ift.tt/2kWqcgJ