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PREMIERE : Squire – Prime Barrier (Mollono.Bass Feat. Marc Vogler Remix) [3000 GRAD]
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The earth is trembling, the legs are shaking. Exotic birds and strange synthetic entities are chirping from the twilit underbrush. The healing sound of flutes from a world long forgotten reverberates through the vast space between our ears. SQUIRE takes us on three inebriating adventures that leave us with a slight aftertaste of jungle medicine. Understated drama and subliminal elegance are the main forces of his modern take on the ancient formula of repetitive hypnotism. Additionally, every single track was remixed by another artist which provides a mind-bending broadside of atmospheric variation: From the ecstatic creaks of Timboletti to the playful bounce of Mollono.Bass and Marc Vogler to the melodic bang of Stephan Zovsky.

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