Interview & Premiere

Following a number of high quality releases on labels such as MoBlack and Constant Circles, Hungarian afro deep house master producer Sobek aka Marton Csere is already back in 2018 with his noticeably percussive rhythms and bass-driven, melodic sounds.

The catchy name Sobek was chosen by Marton in his late teens, as it represents a crocodile-head Nile god in the ancient Egypt. After digging around and searching his way across different music genres, Sobek swiftly oriented his focus toward deep and afro house. Marton naturally started his DJ career in Budapest with residencies in clubs such as Aether. He played alongside the likes of Adam Port, &ME, Rampa, Ame, Butch, Daniel Bortz, Matthias Meyer

Sobek released an impressive number of weapons – to name only just a few: the uplifting bombs True Anomaly/Rural Development (MoBlack) and gem remixes of DKA – Bonjour L’Afrique (Constant Circles) and Max Doblhoff Feat. Idd Aziz – Mama Jo (MoBlack), as well as delightful reworks of Mabiisi – King (MoBlack) and Super Flu – 3.1 (Monaberry).

Sobek’s remix of MULYA – ‘Brick Talks’ is a drum-focused hypno-grooved dancefloor killer which will break down more walls than its name suggests. Further to the dramatic build-up, things take a wild switch when the vocal cry comes in and sweeps the dancefloor.

Together with the Premiere, we asked Marton a few questions:

Sweet Musique: Your music is often filled with afro elements. Can you explain the roots of your passion for afro culture & sounds?

Marton: I’ve listened and played a lot of different genres back in the days from downtempo through hip-hop, house, breakbeat to drum&bass. Maybe because of that, maybe because of my character I prefer deeper toned music which means generally more drums, bass and percussion. Tribal music is typically like that. To name these roots and influences I would say it started with a genre called jungle-jazz, releases from G-Stone, Compost, followed by the Cadenza era and arrived to this deep and melodic period with the sound of Yoruba, and also the amazing vibes of andhim. On the other hand it’s very simple; I prefer positive vibes for the floor, when all of us could be charged a bit.

Sweet Musique: How would you best describe the particular genre of Sobek? Would you say it sits between afro, afro-beats, deep house, even progressive, hypno, afro-trance?

Marton: I think you mentioned all of the necessary traits, so I just add with my own words: deep-tribal-essential.

Sweet Musique: Which producers inspired you in the past and inspire you today? And which talents would you recommend to watch for in the future within the afro scene?

Marton: For me to find inspiration in music the most important is a story. A story in the track which could be recognised by any element. So, if there’s anyone who has something to tell through his/her production, it’s inspiring me. I think actually Toto Chiavetta is my favourite, I love everything in his music. About recommendations I have to mention my buddies first for sure. Fellow Hungarian producer MULYA is really good on peak time bombs and will have nice releases this year. PALMFooD is also a promising producer with his traditional tribal vibes, and he’s able to develop himself quickly. I also recommend the SOLIDE guys D.Y.A. and Kalyma from the deeper side of Berlin, Dj Angelo and Da Mike from Greece, or De Cave Man & TonicVolts from South Africa. I really want to remix their tune “Just Call Me” so I hope Jason reads my lines here.

Sweet Musique: What are your 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

1. MULYA – Fango (soon)
It’s quite fresh and a real bomb.
2. Deigho – Bynaries (soon)
Raw, a bit strange for the first time, but a very unique one. Blows the floor of course.

3. Maria Rita Stumpf – Cântico Brasileiro No.3 (Kamaiurá) (Selvagem And Carrot Green Remix) / Optimo Music


4. Ryan Murgatroyd – Something Said (Super Flu Remix) / Get Physical 

I don’t know how they do this. A 22nd century tune.

5. PALMFooD – Alhamisi / DEPTH (soon)
Sunshine, flute, happiness. Big like.

Sweet Musique: 2018 should be a busy one for you. What do you have coming up in terms of planned releases and gigs in the coming months?

Next up in February is a remix of Mr. ID‘s Layalina on Offering, maybe you heard it in Adam Port‘s or Blond:ish girl’s set before. There’s one original for March which will be visible soon, and it seems in April another original comes on Monaberry again. Beside the digital dimension I’ll visit Kenya and Uganda soon for a weekend, and have other dates in Europe for the next months while doing the residency in my beloved Aether in Budapest.