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Sweet Mixtape #47 w/ Ivory

SM : Hi Daniel, how are you? You’ve had a strong start of the year with a successful half a dozen releases, including work with Azzur, Moblack, Hosted and Sol Eterno, can you tell us more about it?

Daniel : Hi! Surely 2018 started in a very good way with my EP on AZZUR, I didn’t expect to see Âme playing “Atlantis” during NYE
countdown in London, a great moment with a magic atmosphere.

I love to spend lot of my time in studio to shape new ideas in music,
i made my EP Refuge/Incastrum solely and exclusively for MoBlack just
because I’m a big fan of this label and I felt that they had the right
vibrations. I was very lucky that, label owner Mimmo Falcone replied
immediately to me and wanted to release on his imprint.

It’s very important to find on their way people who trust in your
music even if you don’t have a big name, like Mimmo, BOg, the AZZUR crew or like Hosted guys who strongly wanted to sign “Lux” and also
Braunbeck who gave to me and Sifa the chance to release “Wonani” on Sol Eterno.

Both EPs are giving great satisfaction, people really love them. Especially Sifa, was the first who believed in me, two years ago he
gave me the chance to sign on Offering my first EP, now I’m very happy
about our collaboration.

SM : Also there’s a lot of chatter about this very special track you made with Sifa and Terranova, supported by Dixon and Fideles – can you tell us more?

Daniel: Many people ask me about this track but it still going to need a little more patience to see it released. Working with Sifa and Terranova was great in itself and it was amazing when Dixon started playing our track all over the world in amazing venues such as the party in the desert for Lost In A Moment in Israel and also Fideles who included it in their Voyage mix for Afterlife.

It’s an honor to see these great artists play my music like Kristian
(Ame) that still plays one of my next tracks “Mindfulness”. Not only they are big names but most importantly they are great selectors, their sets are full of quality and this is very important and exciting for me to keep up the good work, because I make music with passion and feelings.

A guy days ago wrote to me to send his congrats for my music and he told me “lots of people forget melodic is supposed to be about feelings not just making stuff for popular DJs, it’s like you put the feelings first as opposed to making tracks for certain DJs to play”.

That’s why I make music in the first place, to express myself.

SM: What are your 5 favorite tracks/labels/artists at the moment?

Daniel : Not easy to choice but I’m absolutely digging artists like Nandu, Tunnelvisions, Aera, Red Axes and Innellea, their productions are always fresh and original, also watching out for labels such as AZZUR, Hivern, Scatcity, In Their Feelings, Permanent Vacation, Multi Culti, and MoBlack.

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