CamelPhat fully deserve their status


CamelPhat were firing on all cylinders on the night, the pair were rounding out the final MOODS night of 2018 and they did it in spectacular fashion – rocking the fashionable Perception Bar from start to finish

MOODS is one of the most stylish parties in London


The MOODS series has been hosted at the W London in Leicester Square since the end of the Summer season. Despite the competition for fashionable and classy events around the area, it’s maintained a strong case as being considered one of the classiest parties, incorporating class with an underground musical output.

CamelPhat’s latest track, ‘Breathe’ is an anthem

Breathe‘, produced by CamelPhat and Cristoph is as catchy as ever, pulling deep on those heart strings and infusing emotion throughout via the stunning vocals of Jem Cooke. We can’t get enough of this and the tune was as spectacular as ever on the night.

The bottle service and luxury feel was second to none

We love a good dance and party, whatever the venue, but when the service of drinks, including bottles of champagne and cocktails is so on point and prompt, it improves the overall party experience we had – even if it impacted that hangover we duly woke up with!

2019 is set up perfectly for the MOODS series to continue

CamelPhat, as mentioned, rounded out the year in the perfect way; with the series already featuring heavy hitters like Roger Sanchez