How are you, how has your year been so far?

Hello Sweet Musique team and followers, well we always think that after a busy summer the club season will be easier…but every year it gets busier than before. We have many projects that are waiting to be finished in the studio. Busy weekends and lately we got more bookings internationally so we are in a happy mood.


How did you first get into electronic music, what parties, DJs, labels?

Peter: it happened with me around 1994 when I was 14 years old. One of my classmate showed me DJ mixes on tapes and I fell in love with this new wave. I was impressed because it was a continuous mix, no silence in between. These longer journeys into the music changed my life. Cant tell any labels or DJs. Sets were recorded from radio stations of Vienna.

Greg: When I was pretty young 10-12 years old I was really impressed by the sound of the German music scene, I always watched live broadcasting of Love Parade or Mayday on the German Viva channel.  Later I got really into the world of Global Underground mix series. Sasha, Nick Warren and the others were my role models of a good dj.


How long till you found your own sound? What is that sound? What do you pride yourself on?

We produce music together from the beginning. Since 2010 approx. We tried many sounds, but we needed a bit of time to finally find our real place among the labyrinths of genres and sub genres. In the first few years  we always followed something, a new trend, genre or a sound of some label. Then we realized that we have to listen to our real inner voice which was always angry when we made something that was not exactly we really liked.

So this is how we ended up with the sound we are producing and playing now. That is a kind of club music full of emotions and melodies. We stopped focusing on genres too, sometimes we make music for warm ups, but for example the other day we started a peak time stuff.

We are really proud that the music we make is recognized and supported by many A class artists around the world. Such as Solomun, Undercatt, Hernan Cattaneo just to name a few.


Do you make tunes to fit in your own DJ sets, is that how it works? Is there a close link between you as a DJ and a producer?

In the beginning our sets were different. We needed to learn how to make the sounds we play now. Lately we play and produce exactly our own sound, we play what we like and what is credible. Like this we can create our real following in the clubs and our supporters in the scene.


Do you have any favourite bits of gear, hardware or software that define your sound?

We really love our Elektron Analog Four MK2 its such a versatile machine. Its good for sophisticated melodies, but also for making beautiful analog hi-hats and snares.
On the software side in our opinion the Spectrasonics products have no competitors. Trilian an Omnisphere were always centerpieces of our music.


Where do you start on a tune when producing? Always in the same place, is one bit more important than any other so drums or synths or?

First we always make a groove that moves us and then we start building up the rest. It is always an uplifting moment when your body just starts moving in the chair in the studio! Thats the moment when we know we can continue to build up a story on it.


What hopes and goals do you have  for your career and sound, do you set targets and dream?

We have a talent management to help local young artists, and we are running 3 labels, so one of the dreams is to have our own office, a common creative place. As artists, we will work hard to achieve that level when we will have more international shows than local ones to have a more colorful dj life. But first of all we would like to find a proper management and an agent because we do a lot and our power is not unlimited.


Tell us about your new EP on Truesounds Music – what inspired or influenced it?

After many-many instrumental tracks we felt that we wanted to try to collaborate with a singer. We wanted to do something different than we used to do. So equipped with our new Prophet 6 synth we got into the studio and made these tracks/songs.

In this project we wanted to make something that cant be found on the market now, a deep club track that has a powerful and easily recognizable vocal part.


What else is coming up, what else are you working on?

We have already signed 3 Eps, they are coming out in the next few months. One on the Israeli Take Away records, one on Miyagis Lost Diaries, and one on Armen Mirans Hoomidaas.

Besides these we are working hard on new projects to strengthen our labels position in every field.


Peter Makto & Gregory S – Secret Passion feat. Antonia Vai EP (incl. Kellerkind Remix) [Truesounds Music]



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