How did you first get into electronic music, what parties, label and artists turned you on?

Tagir: I crave for creativity. It just is. I felt there is a huge space for self-realization in music. I could not name any special artists or parties who influenced me particularly in the electronic genre.

Kate: Same for me. I didn’t know much about the electronic scene before I met Tagir. He introduced me to the whole new world of electronic music.

Does being Russian lend your music a certain style or vibe do you think, like Detroit techno or Chicago house?

K: Certainly not. Though we aim to make it happen. «Influenced by Russians» – sounds good, doesn’t it?

Your new EP is a mini album – were all the tracks written in the same sort of sessions, with an overall flow in mind?

T: «Paranoia» EP has been recorded over the past two years. Eventually these songs appeared to sound anything but special. Even though it had no common idea at first, for me it’s a solid project.

Tell us about the sensual lyrical texts in your new EP – who wrote them? Who sings them?

K: I do both lyrics and vocals. Lyrical sensuality comes from my personal perception. Being emotionally vibrant I take lots of things to heart, sometimes even too much. Texts flow out naturally from this point on.

What is your aim in the studio? What are the most important things you want to get right when making a tune?

T: General idea is to fully surrender your time and efforts. I could share my little secret: when frisson comes and my body shivers, then I know I have caught the sound.

K: Studio time will be like writing new songs, do rehearsals, production, mastering. All the creation of melodies, arrangements, compositions, lyrics we do ourselves. Yet NOPASSPORT producers help us in final mastering.

Do you need to communicate and speak to each other when playing or does it all come naturally now?

K: It comes naturally.

What are some of your favourite bits of gear in the studio – are you hardware or software fans and why?

T: Both. Basic software as Ableton Live or FL Studio. Lately I’ve been using various guitar sounds, strings.

K: I love playing piano and guitar.

What’s next for you, what are your goals for 2019?

K: There is one more EP coming up this summer. Autumn 2019 we will present both new album and entire solo program.


Alampa’s ‘Paranoia’ is out now on NOPASSPORT
Grab it here