Hey Andrea, how are you, what’s good, what’s bad with you right now?

Hey guys, nice to meet you, I’m really good at the moment!

Tell us about the year off you have had, why was that? What brought it about?

So, good question and maybe hard to explain, I’ll try… I had several personal problems, which afflicted my properties first, so the job and my whole life. Sometimes bureaucracy doesn’t allow you to defend yourself in time against third parties that are infringing your rights, so you can only wait for the course of the events… These troubles blocked my activity completely, and the worst was that it happened few months after the building of my new “mastering grade” studio, a big investment after a year of continuous hard work, so try to imagine. So no place to work safely, the job blocked, I saw 10 years of all my work efforts wasted, the industry wants continuity, if you don’t keep up, you go down… During my career I’ve invested a lot time following my dreams and building up guarantees for me and for those who are close to me. I’ve sacrificed time, money, relationships, friendships, the best life moments, not be on the top, I’ve not a big ego, but just be to sure to live with this, creating a solid base, so when I saw all crumbling without the possibility to do anything, I went in a black tunnel, and the situation afflicted my psychophysical health seriously: tied hands, I couldn’t do anything…

What did you get up to? What did you learn?

Well, after almost 1 year I started (or better, I had the possibility) to go back in the studio, but my health was not ok immediately, creativity was still blocked, indeed I dedicated myself to the other side of my job: the post-production and the psychoacoustic field… Then I have to say thanks to a person, she went in my life like a bolt, impressing me a lot in all the things, like a kindred spirits. For those who don’t know, a kindred spirit is a soul that is “vibrating at your same frequency”, improves, teaches, spurs you; it doesn’t mean to be a relative or a girlfriend, she/he can be also a friend or person you meet walking on the street… I think nothing happens casually, maybe also the bad sometimes comes to clean your way… So inspiration went back and I had a soul-awakening, all came by itself…

Were you still listening to music in that time, or was it a total break?

Yes of course, I didn’t stop! To see what was happening around me, I was continuing to administrate also the internal bureaucracy of the label and my copyrights: the only things I could do…

Now you are back do you have a different perspective or sound or style?

For sure I had also an artistic maturation, I feel myself more relaxed when I arrange my music. I’ve always liked dark and intense melodies, eclectic breakdowns, but I feel I can go deeper exploring what my mind wants to do when I’m like in “trance” making music… I feel that I can focalise all my inner energy in my stuff, and this is wonderful, also because people are saying to me that they can feel it, so I’m glad and proud about it. Nothing is better than when your vibes and messages touch the people!

Tell us about your new one on your label Gate Null – what inspired or influenced it?

Now you can understand to whom the track is dedicated, I’m not so able to say thanks, I use different forms to express my feelings, I’m very eclectic… The whole release has a double meaning, including the title and the artwork. Try to translate in italian “Faith”, if you don’t get only the literal meaning, you can read also the short name of this person… She was who inspired me !

What is the aim of the label, the vibe, the musical outlook?

Since 2011, we released several “evergreens” in our genre (if you allow me to say this), a lot of tracks climbed the charts and we had great names releasing on our catalog and playing during our events around the world, but I’ve never done things without a soul, music must transmit feelings, so this is the main outlook of Gate Null, of course I’m interested in a sound-coherency, I love dark and deep melodies, as you can hear!

What is life in Italy like right now, it’s going through a strange phase, right?

Haha, well, I stay in Italy because I have lots here, family, studio, home, etc… But the situation is not so cool. In all the fields, not only in the music industry, we don’t invest in our talents, we look for only what is imported, so Italian talents find the best way outside. This is sad, because we could do more for our Country, it seems we are only able to hate each other…

Tell us about the emotional speech at the breakdown.

I looked for that speech, I sampled those exact parts, arranging them during the crescendo, giving tension to the breakdown. It shouts exactly what I want to transmit, trust yourself, it’s not over!

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Actually I’m arranging another track for my label, another eclectic piece, but I prefer to do not say too much…

I made a committed remix for a LA based label, as well, a very thunder techno piece, with some acid chords that work in harmony driving the whole arrangement; I don’t know exactly, when it will be out yet, I’m looking forward to the label communication. Probably I’ll fly to California for some gigs as well, we’re working on this, got a few proposals from there. Then we’re working for the summer to schedule some European dates, in order to regain what I left back sometime ago!

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