Hey BEC great to meet you! How are things with you right now, what’s good and what’s bad?
Hey, you too! There’s actually a lot of good, and not so much bad with me right now! I just had a big release on Second State, and I’m super happy with the reaction it’s had 😃
I know you’re currently based in Berlin which of course has strong dance music inspiration all around it, but what city were you bought up in, and how would you say it influenced your love for dance music?
I grew up in a small coastal town on the South Coast of England, half an hour drive from Brighton. I moved to London when I was 18 for 6 years. But both Brighton and London inspired me musically. I remember going to illegal raves on the beach in Brighton. Where you’d text an anonymous number, and get sent the address the day of the rave. You’d turn up and have an insane sound system powered by a generator. And people just going crazy. I’m not sure those still even exist! I’ll also never forget seeing Fatboy Slim on Brighton Beach in the summer, around the time of Pride. There were sooo many people there, it was just amazing. London brought even more memorable times. Especially in Fabrics good old days. I’d be split between attending DNB, Dubstep / Breaks nights and techno. It was always special to see Riccardo Villalobos play Fabric. I remember a particular time back in 2009 when they shut the club doors and he played till late in the afternoon – which was quite unheard of in London because of the stricter clubbing laws. I also used to go to Matter, a big club in the o2 arena, Plastic People, Dance Tunnel and Cable; All of which are shut down now!
When did you decide you wanted to make it and play it? How long ago was that?
That was around 4 and a half years ago now. But I had been collecting house and techno music since I was 15, and already had a big collection.
How long was it until you found your own sound and style? And what informed that?
I really feel it’s only now that I’ve just started to solidify my sound. Which is a continuous process!

What’s it like to be associated with Pan Pot’s Second State? Have you long been a fan of the label?
I was actually one of their original members (third member). Before the label even had a name, I was in contact with Pan-Pot and sending music their way. Since the beginning, I’ve always been a fan of the label, the sound, and even more, the family like vibe that we all have between us. It’s pretty special.
How did it come about? Did you send them demos or were you approached or?
I met Thomas and Tassilo (Pan-Pot), along with their manager Markus when they played at London Warehouse Event, back when I was living in London. We got on super well from the start, I told them I was DJing and producing, and they told me they were just starting a label, and to send them music. On a weekend visit to Berlin, I stopped by to visit them at their studio. The meeting went really well and it was right after that, I decided to move over to Berlin to pursue my dream career in music, and be closer to the label Second State that I can now call my home base.
Tell us about the the recent ’No Regrets’ Ep – did you write it with the label in mind or?
I wrote this EP in the depths of the last Berlin winter. I didn’t write it with any label in mind. It was a particularly dark few weeks in Berlin. The sun was nowhere to be seen. Somehow I felt super inspired, and locked myself in my studio. I actually wrote all of these tracks in succession of each other, which is quite rare. It’s a full cohesive package that reflect exactly how I was feeling at the time I wrote them.
What’s your sound and style as a DJ? Would you say you’re DJ’ing style has changed since your move to Berlin?
Since I got to Berlin, I feel like I could express myself more, and play more of what I’ve always wanted to play. When I was living in London, I always ended up playing softer than I wanted to, and felt I had to hold back.
What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
I’ve got a cool compilation coming up, as well as two solo EPs planned for very early next year. So lots of music in the pipeline, and lots of new stuff I’m just finishing up before sending out! As far as shows go, I’m SUPER excited to have my first Australia tour at the end of January where I’ll be playing Rainbow Serpent festival, as well as shows in Sydney and Brisbane. That’ll be followed by an Asia tour, and another South America tour :D.
Finally, what was the last record you bought and why?
It was Differ-ent – Don’t Be Afraid. Which is an alias of DJ Bone. And I brought the record because I love every single element in both tracks, such masterpieces!


BEC’s ‘No Regrets’ is out now on Second State
Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/no-regrets/2402446