Toronto-based DJ Demuir is going from strength to strength at the moment. With releases this year so far on Hot Creations, Robsoul and Desolat, he’s set to continue the trend with an EP out on Origins later this month.

We asked him to talk us through his home set up, to learn more about the sanctuary that encourages his creative process.

Aside from the necessary equipment and room treatment furniture, my studio has an array of quirky and slightly significant materials that inspire and also remind me where I came from.  From Buddah’s to Campbell’s soup-holding Andy Warhol overseeing the process.’

‘My Buddha’s are a theme and source of inspiration that sets a nice vibe in my working space.  I can be in my studio anywhere from 5 to 8 hours daily and it’s nice to look at these pieces as they offer a nice sense of calm and community in my space.  An ex-girlfriend and I really got into the story and imagery of Buddah so much so that I had an artist paint a 9 foot version of it on the wall in my previous home.  They remind me that there is no such thing as writer’s block.  Rather, your ability to create freely stems from a choice and desire to do so.’

‘I got this in here to remind me of the great times had in Skopje, Macedonia and it serves up a lasting impression of how far music has taken me in this world and the number of people it touches.  Moreover, the strong presence and appreciation for Funky House music  and Techno coexisting in the same space and the fact that I played in the same venue as Derrick May!’

I always have this CD next to my decks, which I sometimes listen to on my downtime.  I found this CD in Chicago while record digging and knew it would have a permanent home because it means so many things to me. From the education of solid song selection and other critical DJ skills, to the deep organic nature of the recording in a time where people passed overdubs on top of overdubbed cassettes in order to catch a vibe.  A very inspiring piece to me.’

‘Before Pioneer introduced FX units like the RMX 1000 and RMX 500, Electrix’s  EQ Killer reigned supreme in the 90s.  I first used this in a gig in Halifax, Nova Scotia and it was easily one of my most favourite gigs because of the feeling and vibe this unit allowed me to convey in my all vinyl sets back then. Beautiful and smooth isolation of frequencies had from this have not been captured anywhere else from what I’ve heard.  Nice piece of kit that takes me back.’

Weed is legal nationally in Canada and I have a few jars ranging from Kryptonite to Green Crack and Tropicana strains.  I don’t rely on it to make music, but I enjoy it like one would a glass of wine.  It’s like dessert with my beats and helps with keeping a grounded atmosphere. Nothing too crazy for me as the music takes care of most things.’

‘These 2 have been a fixture in my studios for the last 5 to 10 years respectively.  It almost feels like they’re watching me tweak, mix, and listen for sound selections when I’m making beats, checking out promos, and demos for my Purveyor Underground label.  The things these 2 have heard and seen!  The secrets remain with us!’

Catch Demuir at Egg London on the 21st September alongside Catz N Dogz and Maxxi Soundsystem: