The Voyeur label’s head honcho, Fabrice Dayan, has gone from strength to strength in the last few years since the label was set up. Having put out a string of solid releases, from artists such as Antony Toga, Mario Bazouri, Junior Pappa and Juanito, Dayan has firmly established the label’s dedication to high quality dance music, with an emphasis on strong, atmospheric grooves that seem to compliment most dance floors. With a hectic summer lined up – hosting a string of nights in Ibiza, as well as a number of upcoming releases – Dayan talked us through his home setup, pointing out the memorabilia that has helped inspire him and keep him grounded.

‘This is next to me near my desk. There I’m listening to demos, discovering new projects before a second listen in the studio. Next to me I have this big Smiley lamp, and every time I’m bored, I have a look at it and remember where I come from and why I keep on doing what I do. Back in the days, this was the symbol of Acid House. I’m from the early rave party era from the 90’s, this little yellow face gives me positive energy. On the wall you have the signature of André with his Monsieur A character who brings me back to the days I was doing graffiti.’ 

‘When I first came to Ibiza, many years ago, I had a friend whose name is Benjamin that wanted to meet me in his gallery. Benjamin was running an underground gallery next to the industrial area of Ibiza town, next to the spot where Tale Of Us began their first underground parties. One morning, I decided to pop up in his gallery, and he was organizing his first vernissage. He was bare feet, smoking a blunt, and we had a coffee talking about graffiti art and our sensibility around arts. Next to me, rolled into a tube was this piece of paper printed, and I told him  “this really looks like some work Mr Brainwash did in his early days” , and he replied “yes, it is, I was handling glue and posters, checking for police around the streets while he was doing some forbidden arts on the walls of L.A Streets. Take it if you like it” . I have to admit the story was too big, and I still doubt it’s true. Years ago Benjamin suddenly passed away from cancer and I met Thierry (Mr Brainwash) in the booth of Music On party in Miami.  I didn’t know him, but I showed him the picture, and he told me Benjamin was his assistant when he began. I miss Benjamin a lot, he introduced me to the real people of Ibiza when I first came, and this is something that I look up to when I think about life and everyday stories. Life is too short, and every second is a precious gift.’

‘I have to admit I spent less time than I used to since I started the label. I usually do one original track and one or two remixes a year because Voyeur takes me a lot of my time, I have a very precise idea of how it has to be run and want to control every process of it. Now I learned more how to organize myself and have the right people around me, it’s getting better. But my number one 2019 goal is to really go back to studio work, it’s essential for my balance, everything around the label started fast and my producer side was left on the side. From September onwards I will re-organize everything to focus more on my own productions.’

‘I first met Paul when Fab G organized the first Rave parties in the south of France. He was around some legendary dj’s, playing his Chicago Ghetto House to Vocal Classics in between Dave Clarke or Car Cox. He was an impressive artist to me as far his music was a combination of things mixed up with a particular energy. You felt the love in that guy, literally. Everybody knows he is one of the Pioneers of House. I never talked with him until he played in the club where I had a residency in 1996, it was for a Daft Punk after show (Trolleybus/Marseille). Since that night we became close friends. He stays a true example of what is a true soul and a rare positive human being, and all this in spite of his handicap. Paul is a true inspiration to me, and I’m glad he first tried Mediterranean food from my mom. Paul : It’s not because I don’t play that much Chi-House classics that I forgot where I come from (LOL).’

‘In the early 2000 years, we ran 2 parties in Paris : Vice & Versa (resident With Creange, check his music), we invited Gregory, Martin Solveig, Jon Cutler and many other House legends, and my partner was also bringing official Studio 54 branded nights during which I was requested to play disco classics. There I played alongside Kenny Carpenter and Nicky Siano. I was impressed by the energy of Nicky. I was playing with a man who had the exact same energy as a kid. I mean, he impressed me. After the night we were talking about stories, and I brought him that rare book from Ron Galella. Back in the NYC Disco days, Ron was a one of the rare official photographers to shoot everything in the club. Years after the end of Studio 54, that book was released with incredible scenes were you really felt the vibe. Nicky signed me that book, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to spin music with such a legend. Nowadays most of the DJ’s and kids don’t get the point of Disco and electronic music, and I can’t understand why. Disco is its mother, literally. And that close connection is essential if you want to understand the DNA of every single electronic track that you hear today. It’s the real thing.’

 ‘Every Art in my place or my office is not fixed on walls. I want to be able to move anything if I want to. The space could change anytime. There you will find stuff found from my travels, each one of them has a story behind it. You can see also Cerrone Frame with a little story behind it. In the early years of Raspoutine Club in Paris, almost 10 years ago, Cerrone was here with a bunch of artists. I was a bit disturbed by his presence knowing I have a huge respect for that small man who waved the international Disco era for years. The only french legend who reached big charts in the US, and one of the 5 best drummers in the world. So, he was here, I was young, and in the middle of a Deep House set, peaktime, I played “Don Ray – Lots Of Lovin”, a song produced by himself on Malligator Records. The club went mad, and before he left the club, he came to me and said  “This is my number, come Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon in my Office”. Without knowing why, I arrive in his studio, waiting in his office while he is finishing something in the room next door. There are awards everywhere on the walls, from Diana Ross pictures to Michael Jackson or even Quincy Jones. I was like, “What the fuck i’m doing here?”. Then he arrives, sits in front of me, picks up a paper and a pen, and tells me: “It’s been a long time since I had fun like that night, you got that thing kid. I know you are releasing a mixing album of the club, you showed be some respect, and I want to be the godfather of it. What should I write?” Imagine my reaction …  “Sir, with all my respect, and around your walls, what should I say? Anything from you will be an unexpected present, so do whatever you want.” And here it is. You need to understand this kind of thing was important to me as far i feel the need to give a sense to everything i do, and who i am belongs to where i’m from. And I feel blessed about those beautiful surprises of life.’

‘My first time ever playing in Ibiza, I was invited by Charles Delfortrie, the founder of a Popular Ethnic Restaurant & Before venue named “El Ayoun” . Charles hosted me with a lot of kindness, and introduced me to a lot of people there. Before I left the island he offered me that Moroccan traditional necklace. Charles left us some years ago, and I keep on thinking he believed I would be an upcoming important artist. Charles was kindhearted and loved, and was a true character on the island. Since then I designed myself a necklace thinking about this story, and I keep in mind people that you love don’t ever really disappear. Some of them are just everywhere, and he is always in my mind – mostly now, while i’m making my debut in Ibiza.’ 

Fabrice Dayan & Voyeur Music will host several parties during the summer around Ibiza, Mykonos and Marbella.

Upcoming releases are coming including Voyeur Ibiza 2019 Album, The Supermen Lovers, Amine Edge & DANCE, Junior Pappa, Juanito, Pantheon, Hanna Hais, Rocco Rodamaal Sllash & Doppe and many more.

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