Isn´t this the best fridge in the world? Best thing, I ordered it with cash on delivery and the guy refused to take any money for it. Freezer compartment sucks though.



I bought this closet on ebay for like 50€ only to find out it belonged to the mother of a dear friend. On the picture it looked smaller, now I store almost all my belongings in there. I´ll keep it in hornor.



Spending quite some time here. Just love this place 🙂



After looking for a new place for almost 2 years, I finally managed to move my studio out of home, so I finally had enough space to set these up. Hope to be playing more vinyl in future again.



I am not afraid of the future as it looks really nice. Found this on someones Instagram story and fell in love right away. I actually look and the picture questioning what future holds for me.



Seafoam – Favorite record at the moment. I found it in a small record shop in Brussles during a bad time and it helped me through it.


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