CamelPhat, an electronic duo from the north-west of England have been in the music industry for much longer than many think. They have countless productions under their belt and had been defining their tech-edged sound through several iterations leading up to their hit, ‘Cola’, that took the music industry by storm in 2017. The production, co-produced alongside Elderbrook, was released on Defected Records and reached Number One on the Billboard Dance Club Songs – it also ended up with CamelPhat attending the Grammys.

We continue the ‘6 of the best’ feature with a closer look at some of the tracks the duo may not be as famous for, however, it’d be a crime not to include the likes of ‘Cola’ in this list.

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1. Cola

2. Drop It

3. Dopamine Machine

4. Breathe

5. Constellations

6. Accelerator