How are you, how has 2019 kicked off?

I’m doing great thanks, and thanks for the interview. The year has kicked off in a very positive crazy way. I started working in the studio and locked around 3 Eps for this year and then I had the opportunity to start managing a new club in Malta.

So I’m thrilled to see what’s next for this year.

On 25th February, the ‘Mango’ EP launched on your very own imprint, Dazed & Confused, out of the three tracks, what one did you enjoy creating the most?

Mango was the first track I did and the lead bass blew my mind when I was in the studio. It´s a track you can remember when played anywhere. That’s what I look for in a track.
The other two then came along naturally.

What is the usual process for yourself in the studio when it comes to producing a track?

I always work on music in the early morning, as soon as I have my first coffee and go in my studio. I start creating beats and when I’m done I go to the lead bass and everything else then follows.
It´s a natural process I’ve crafted for my style and not to be stuck in the studio for a long time, this makes me be fresh for the main catchy elements.

Your favourite track out at the moment?

There´s loads, Adam Port – Planet 9, DJ Koze – Pick Up

If you could have been born in a different era of music, what era would it have been and why?

I think I would have loved being alive during the 60s where everything was starting back from scratch, recovering after world war 2.
I imagine it as a time of discovery and freedom, although it´s hard living without today´s comfort.

What future plans do you have for the label?

Since my team and I are based back in Malta, we are now creating a local collective, having the label, an agency and now a club. It´s the perfect opportunity to nurture talents and the label will be an output for the efforts of our collective.
On the other hand, we also have guest artists that feature on the label which come from various cities I regularly play in like Moosfiebr in Zurich for example.

What artist would you love to play alongside that you’re yet to?

Solomun or Black Coffee, I think both of them have created something really special and I try to follow their steps by creating something special for each country and community.

How did you get into the music? What parties are special to you?

I used to go to parties in Malta when I was very young, it was very normal for us young teenagers to go out and explore the nightlife in Malta. I learnt the skills of music by myself, learning from scratch and asking around about errors I could not figure out. I used to hear the local Dj´s in Malta play week in, week out and trying to figure out how the record was made. Step by step the love of it took me to where I am today. I am truly blessed.

With electronic music well and truly rooted on a global scale, what international festival or party would you most like to play in the future?

I´m playing at a really cool festival in Prague, it will be kind of a Cercle thing during the day in 1 of the main squares, this will be in May. I’m also waiting on some dates for festivals in Sydney and some club dates around Europe and America.

Is there any particular artists we should keep an eye out for in the future, we would love to know?

I’m very much looking forward to seeing my crew on a more international platform, F//asco, Meister, Subbass, Rakban and the newer ones. I’m sure you will hear more about them soon.

Dean Demanuele’s ‘Mango’ EP is out now on Dazed & Confused Records
Grab it here –